Stream Football Through the AFL Live App from Telstra

Stream Football Matches Online through the AFL Live App from Telstra
Not all AFL fans can make it to the stadiums to watch their favourite teams compete. Unfortunately, sometimes even the couch at home isn’t easy to reach on time before the match starts. For customers who also watch the AFL and AFLW, Telstra has made it easier than ever for fans to catch every game.

Telstra has recently launched their AFL Live app, providing live-streamed AFL matches on the go and giving fans unprecedented access to games, commentary and behind-the-scenes content. There’s no better way for an AFL fan to keep up with their team, and it’s a move to secure these fans as customers for the Telstra network.

Introducing the AFL live app from Telstra

Registering for the Telstra AFL app is a frustrating experience. it takes at least 2 separate user names and passwords and involves clicking a link in an email which you're not old about!

Telstra’s AFL, NRL content is excellent. The sign up process is not.
Source : Telstra email

Telstra has launched the AFL Live app that gives unprecedented access to AFL matches and extra content. The app is free, and can be downloaded from the Google play store or App store. The AFL Live app covers all the latest news from the AFL season including trades, transfers and news about every team in the league. You will be able to listen to live match commentary, check the live score, view match statistics, and also watch the highlights from the match through the app. Plus, there’s an archive full of matches dating back to 2010 that you can enjoy without paying a cent.

Telstra is also offering AFL live experience which will enable you to live stream all the Premiership and Final matches on your mobile devices. By subscribing to the AFL Live Pass you can watch all the games throughout the season, and the content will be delivered to your device data-free if you’re an eligible Telstra customer.

If you are an eligible Telstra customer, you will get a free Live Pass that will allow you to watch all the AFL 2018 matches. To claim their free subscription, eligible customers should log in to the AFL Live app and sign up.


Telstra mobile customer with a current pre-paid mobile, post-paid or mobile broadband plan are eligible for the free AFL Live pass subscription. The season pass is included as part of the post-paid plan and is activated through the app. Pre-paid customers must maintain a $30+ active pre-paid recharge to receive the offer.

For non-Telstra customers, the AFL Live passes are available for:

  • $4.99 – Weekly subscription
  • $16.99 – Monthly Subscription
  • $99.99 – Annual Subscription

Telstra customers will be saving up to $99.99 for the first year, but they will be charged for the following year once the offer expires.

All new Telstra customers are being offered a free two-week trial when signing up for a weekly, monthly or annual subscription. The subscription can be cancelled at any point during the trial period. Telstra's signup email is nice and clear. If only the app told you to look for it!

Make sure to check your email if you get stuck in the sign up process for Telstra’s streamed sport content.
Source : Telstra email


Compatible devices

AFL Live pass can be used across multiple compatible devices by logging in with the unique Apple or Google ID. However, the live streaming is limited for viewing on devices with a screen size of up to 7 inches or less. The current version of the app is supporting iOS -10 and 11; Android smartphones – 5 and above; iPad Air 2, iPad Pro and Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

'Phew, got there in the end. The content at the end of the journey is well worth it. Free access to an AFL pass and all their live games.

Even with all the hassle, the sign up process is well worth it.
Source : Telstra email.

Data usage

Typically, streaming a 3 hour AFL match on a tablet consumes up to 2 GB data, while it drops down to around 900 MB if you are streaming on a smaller phone screen. Just listening to the radio commentary can still use 80 MB.

But Telstra has taken care of data consumption for their customers, allowing them to access the content wherever they prefer. Telstra customers who are on NBN, Cable, BigPond ADSL or Telstra mobile internet connection can stream AFL Live data-free. This means all the AFL Live content is unmetered and won’t add up in your monthly cap.

You can read more about subscription, eligibility, free trial, cancellations, and supported devices on AFL official App Terms.

Is it worth it?

For AFL fans – and particularly AFL fans who are Telstra customers, the AFL live app offers fantastic value for money. All games are available with a large selection of extra content, which can be delivered to your device potentially data-free (for Telstra customers). However, the AFL Live app is limited to smaller devices, which means that if you prefer to watch the match at home on a larger screen, this deal probably isn’t for you.

With the world becoming increasingly mobile, fans are more often choosing to consume media on their devices instead of TVs. This latest app from Telstra will help AFL fans to keep up with this trend, and provides a cost-effective way for customers to make the most of their mobile phone contract. Telstra has provided a quality app, and AFL fans who watch matches on a device would be well advised to get on board.

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