Telstra Bundles for Pensioners

Bundles for pensioners

Telstra is the preferred choice among pensioners

For Australian seniors or pensioners, making ends meet on a smaller income can be challenging, given rising prices. Pensioners often seek ways to save money, and prefer plans that have been designed with them in mind. An easy way to lessen the burden on a budget is to review whether your mobile phone plan is offering you the best deal.

However, pensioners often have other needs as well, such as a tendency to prefer in-person communication and simple plan inclusions. While some smaller MVNOs might offer cheaper deals, the online nature of many of these plans are not suitable for many pensioners. As Australia’s largest and fastest phone and internet provider, Telstra provides a reliable service with a range of simple options, and is the best choice for most pensioners.

Telstra phone plans for pensioners

Telstra phone plans for pensioners

Telstra’s phone plans for seniors. Source

Telstra offers many pensioner benefits whether customers are on an aged pension, a disability pension, receive a carer payment or are recipients of other government benefit programs.

Most pensioners are not interested in paying extra to have the latest gadgets. If you’re happy with your existing smartphone and just need a Telstra SIM, you can choose from Telstra’s SIM-only mobile plans that have huge data allowances. Their top-end plan offers an incredible 90GB per month at an affordable price. You can choose their cheapest BYO (bring your own device) plan which offers 30 GB data.

Telstra’s (BYO) phone plan

Telstra may not offer the cheapest mobile phone plans on the market, but they are definitely among the most reliable. With its $59 BYO mobile plan, Telstra offers 60GB data. This also includes unlimited national calls and texts, and you can make calls and text to 15 selected countries, which is useful for seniors with families living overseas.

Customers also get data-free Apple Music streaming, access to Telstra Air, and data-free sport streaming for some of the biggest sport codes in Australia.

Telstra’s prepaid mobile plans for pensioners

Telstra offers real value when it comes to its prepaid phone plans. Some of its best prepaid phone plans for pensioners are:

  • $30: 27GB data + 28 days expiry: Unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers. Unlimited standard international calls to 20 countries. With this plan, you also get free access to the thousands of Telstra Air Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • $40: 35 GB + 35 days expiry: This plan also allows users to make unlimited calls and texts to standard Australian numbers and to 20 countries.

Just recharge these Pre-Paid Max plans with $10+ before expiry and bank up around 200 GB of data.

If you don’t make many calls, you can choose long-expiry prepaid plans. These plans are perfect if you don’t use much mobile credit but want an active service so that people can call you. Called a Long Life Plus, there are five plans, out of which three are best suitable for seniors:

  • $20 – 45 days
  • $30 – 186 days
  • $50 – 186 days

And, if you are looking for a full-year plan, choose the $70 plan.

All these plans bill calls at 30c per minute and texts at 30c each – but data is 10c per MB, which can consume your recharge amount very quickly. That’s why it is recommended to avoid smartphones for these plans or turn off mobile data access.

Why is Telstra good for pensioners?

Increased competition combined with affordable technology has led to incredible improvements in communication services. You will find many cheaper phone deals from big service providers like Telstra with excellent inclusions and offerings.

A large number of pensioners choose Telstra because of their coverage into the most remote areas in Australia. The telco uses advanced technologies to make calls clearer and mobile data faster. Customers get unmatched coverage and faster internet speed as compared to many telcos in Australia.

Telstra also offers generous extras to its customers, especially mobile users. You get free access to Netball, AFL, NRL, and Hyundai A-League apps to stream games live, completely data-free. Users also get a six-month Apple Music subscription, data –free. Pensioners can get these extras only with postpaid, $30 + prepaid, and you get these bonuses with data plans as well.

For many pensioners, keeping costs low is a priority – but they also want a simple, reliable service with physical stores they can visit with enquiries and simple pricing structures. Telstra have a number of plans that meet these customer needs, and can help pensioners to sign up for a phone plan and stay connected.

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