Telstra’s Endorsement of Spacetalk Makes Aussie Kids Safer

Telstra Endorsement of Spacetalk

For parents, kids come before everything, so ensuring their safety is paramount. Companies are aware of this too, and we’ve seen technological advancements over the years that aim to enhance child safety.

One such technology are smartwatches which also have tracking functionalities. Parents want to know their kids are safe, and one of the most satisfying ways to know that is by knowing exactly where the kids are. That’s what smartwatches with trackers bring to the table.

Telstra realizes the importance of such smartwatches, and they recently endorsed Spacetalk (a company that makes smartwatches for kids) by partnering with them. Spacetalk has some unique features that clearly prioritize child safety more than the average smartwatch.

And Telstra’s endorsement has put Spacetalk at the forefront of child safety, which should help make Aussie kids safer.

What is Spacetalk?

Spacetalk makes kids smartwatches with a ton of safety features to keep parents aware of where their children are, as well as in control of what they can do and who can contact them.

Here’s what you can do with the Spacetalk:

  • Parents can send 3G text messages to their kids smartwatch, as well as put a voice call through, all of which can be done without the kids being granted Internet access.
  • The Spacetalk therefore doesn’t have access to social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, keeping kids away from negative online content and influence.
  • The Spacetalk also has a feature to block unknown numbers from calling or texting, and parents can be alerted when such unwanted calls are attempted.
  • Spacetalk also comes with a GPS that can track the kids location so parents will know where they are. The GPS can update parents at set timed intervals about where their kids are.

Telstra’s effect on Spacetalk

Telstra, the largest telco in Australia, will sell Spacetalk smartwatches in all of its stores beginning in April. Consumers will have the options of purchasing the device outright or paying it off in monthly installments. Existing Telstra customers will be able to add a Spacetalk smartwatch and SIM plan to their current Telstra account.

The same day Spacetalk announced that Spacetalk will be sold at all Telstra stores, the Spacetalk shares (SPA) rose a 100 percent on the ASX. With Telstra backing the company, its no surprise that investors are excited about what’s to come.

What Telstra brings to the table

According to Statista, the smartwatch sector is the largest in the wearables market worldwide. It’s no different in Australia, and kids smartwatches are a huge driver of growth in the sector.

Global wearables market

Global wearables market is dominated by smartwatches. img src

Telstra is obviously aware of that importance as they’ve supported Spacetalk over the years. We saw Belong (Telstra’s MVNO) partner with Spacetalk a few years ago, marketing a specially-branded SIM and offering no-frills low cost plans to get the device connected. And now, Belong’s parent telco, Telstra, will take it even further buy selling the smartwatch in all stores.

And with Telstra being a trailblazer in eSIM and IoT technologies, we can expect Spacetalk to become an even better device as a result of the partnership. For instance, Spacetalk smartwatches currently use Nano SIM cards for connectivity, but with the support of a telco like telstra, perhaps we could see some upgrades to eSIM and IoT plans. Telstra could bring simplicity to the table, as both companies are working on a new monthly SIM plan to make it easier for parents to manage their kids’ smartwatches on their phone bills.

Final words – How Telstra  is keeping Aussie kids safe with Spacetalk

With Telstra’s backing, Spacetalk just became more popular. This creates awareness for parents looking to keep their kids safe, who would consider a smartwatch as a solution to that problem. The 100 percent spike in the price of Spacetalk shares on the ASX are a great indicator of the popularity brings, which should translate into more sales for both Spacetalk and Telstra. And with Telstra already committing to Spacetalk for years through Belong, we can expect the telco to keep the partnership going, improving the smartwatch SIM plans to make kids safety more accessible than ever.


Neil Aitken

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