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In recent news Vodafone has announced the launch of their 30 day money-back guarantee. The deal allows subscribers on postpaid plans to cancel their contracts if not fully satisfied with the Vodafone network. But, is this really a good deal for Vodafone subscriber? Read on in the following article to learn more.

  •  Vodafone Australia has introduced a full 30 day money-back guarantee.
  •  Dissatisfied mobile phone users can break their postpaid contracts if not happy with the service or network.
  • Aimed at attracting users from the competition, it remains to be seen the effect on both Telstra and Optus.

 An introduction

Vodafone Australia has announced this week that they are confident in the superiority of their mobile network.

The company has stated that their network performance is of such a high level, that they are now offering subscribers a guarantee.

Vodafone has introduced what they are calling the “30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee”.

Unique to the Australian Telco industry, the 30 day money-back period is a win for Aussie consumers.

According to Vodafone, if a subscriber is not satisfied with the Vodafone network, within the first 30 days they can cancel their account.

This offer is only currently available to new postpaid subscribers and not for users on pre-paid plans.

If a Vodafone user wishes to cancel their account, there will be no questions asked, according to Vodafone.

The national carrier will also refund any monthly fees which the subscriber had previously paid.

This will also be extended to handset users and the associated installments, so long as all equipment is returned to the Telco.

The 30 day money-back guarantee is also available for Vodafone business customers, which have up to 9 connections.

Vodafone 30 day guarantee

Not stopping at the money-back offer, Vodafone is also providing new subscribers with unlimited data.

New customers on selected 12 and 24 months plans will be given one month of unlimited data to use inside Australia.

“As smartphones have become an essential tool in our everyday lives, we believe consumers deserve assurance that they’ll have a great network experience where they live, work and play” – Loo Fun Chee, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone.

The new Vodafone network 30 day guarantee, isn’t just about making a new slogan, but an exercise in providing unmatched customer service.

Consumers should be able to make informed decisions, when it comes to signing up for a new postpaid plan.

By providing people with a no questions asked walk away period, Vodafone is removing a known pain point.

The Telco’s new network guarantee clearly demonstrates to rivals that Vodafone is serious about their network performance.

This puts the power back into consumers hands along with the ever growing selection of mobile plans available.

 Giving consumers more power

The national carrier is so confident in the power of their mobile network, they are able to confidently provide the new guarantee.

Vodafone Australia want all Aussies to know that they no longer have to stay on a network with poor performance.

The new 30 day money-back guarantee, is a way for consumers to test the performance of the Vodafone network.

For people who had a bad experience in the past, this is a no obligation way in which they can test out the new network.

And for subscribers on the other mobile carrier networks, the 30 day money-back guarantee might entice them over to Vodafone.

Vodafone Australia has invested heavily in the upgrade, maintenance and construction of their new 4G network.

As recently covered in the OpenSignal “State of Mobile Networks Australia” report findings.

The national carrier was shown to have improved network coverage and connectivity.

“We are proud to offer a guarantee which demonstrates our commitment to being transparent about our network performance. With our new program, people don’t need to take our word for it, they can experience the difference for themselves.” – Loo Fun Chee, Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone.

But this latest 30 day money-back offer, isn’t the first time Vodafone has introduced a network guarantee.

In 2012 the carrier originally introduced the guarantee, but the recent offering has been revised to come with the money-back offer.

Upgrades to the Vodafone network

This new deal comes straight after the completion of more than 3,300 upgrades to the network nationwide.

The current Vodafone Australia network now reaches than 22 million Aussies around the country.

Over the coming years the carrier will continue to expand their network coverage and line up of innovative products.

Vodafone is a competitive Telco in the Australian market and continues to remain highly competitive.

Expanding network coverage in both metro and regional areas and introducing initiatives such as $5 Roaming and MyMix.

The national carrier has shown that customer satisfaction and competition is important and will drive the carrier in moving forward.

The Vodafone Australia network guarantee is also set to be a big win for local business owners.

Executive general manager of enterprise, Stuart Kelly, was quoted as saying that “a reliable network is critical to all businesses”.

“For a business, having a network you can depend on is more important than ever,” Mr Kelly said.

Vodafone Australia is confident of their new network, that it will meet and exceed the expectations of small business needs.

In doing so the carrier is putting their money where their mouth is and offering business subscribers the “30 Day Network Satisfaction Guarantee”.

Previously other Australian Telco’s have offered similar network guarantees to their users.

However, Vodafone is the only company to continue providing a money-back guarantee to subscribers today.

Vodafone has ambitiously set a goal to build 102 new mobile network towers around regional areas by the end of 2017.

Of the 102 mobile towers, 70 are part of the Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Programme.

The Vodafone’s network is constantly being upgraded and enhanced with brand new features.

These features consist of greater connectivity, 4G coverage and voice services such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

In Summary

With the days of Vodafail long gone and behind the carrier, Vodafone continues to make progressive strides.

As each year passes Vodafone continues to update and upgrade their network infrastructure.

With competition fierce in the industry, the introduction of a 30 day money-back guarantee is a clever business move.

By giving more power to consumers to make informed decisions, Vodafone is aiming to attract users to their network.

Continual outages on the Telstra network in recent times, has seen consumers looking around for better deals.

Vodafone has used this to their advantage, launching their 30-day satisfaction guarantee in April.

Since than Telstra has suffered from a further two more network outages.

Only time will tell if the money-back guarantee is enough to make fed up consumers switch networks.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.