Vodafone to Resell Spacetalk Kids Smartwatch

Spacetalk Kids Smartwatch

Spacetalk kids smartwatch will be sold by Vodafone as early as August

Vodafone will begin reselling Spacetalk in its retail stores from as early as August. Spacetalk is a kids smartwatch from MGM Wireless – a software technology communications vendor. The smartwatch has all the functionalities of a smartphone, as well as security features and trackers for children that can be managed through the company’s AllMyTribe app.

Several retailers already had the Spacetalk in stock since 2017. However, with Vodafone now on board, the watch can be purchased along with their Red Wearable SIM plan for an all-in-one monthly fee.

Here’s a look at some of Spacetalk’s child safety features:

  • AllMyTribe smartphone app allows you choose the contacts your child can call and receive calls from
  • SOS alert can to alert you and/or guardians if your child needs help
  • GPS tracker to allow you see your child’s location

Most of these features point towards a more interesting angle – Internet of Things. The watch does more than just make and receive calls and tell the time – its safety features are all powered by the IoT, allowing parents to keep a virtual eye on their children.

Vodafone’s IoT angle on the Spacetalk kids smartwatch

With Vodafone picking up the Spacetalk and offering it as an all-in-one package with a SIM plan, you’ll get all your connectivity needs met. But it isn’t all about your child being able to make and receive calls – it’s more about their safety and your peace of mind, and those features are really based on the IoT.

The Internet of Things refers to interconnected devices that communicate via the internet. The concept relies on sensors that detect changes in an environment and communicate those changes to the clouds and to a platform where a command can be issued in realtime or via predetermined settings.

In this case, MGM Wireless’ AllMyTribe software is where the Spacetalk’s safety features are based. The call screening, GPS tracking, SOS alerts, etc., are all set up via the parent’s smartphone where AllMyTribe is installed.

In order to do that, the parent’s device has to be able to communicate with the child’s Spacetalk smartwatch via AllMyTribe. The GPS and SOS are all examples of sensor-based features that report to the clouds and to the parent’s device, giving information or sending alerts or making calls in line with whatever settings or command the parent has entered.

Sales vs. Innovation – IoT software trend in kids devices

The IoT software in kids devices is not new. Other telcos like OVO offer kids plans with special software that allow parents to control what their children have access to and when. Belong Mobile also has teamed up with Spacetalk. KISSMobile also has a range of IoT plans including a range of kids smartwatches with tracking.

In other words, there are many variations of MGM Wireless’ AllMyTribe software out there. They all boil down to the same thing – security, safety, and tracking through IoT. So does this trendy IoT idea have an impact on sales or is it more about innovation?

So far, IoT software in kids devices serve a great purpose – security for children and peace of mind for their parents. This obviously has great appeal to parents and should impact sales significantly. But that’s not really the case. Tracking applications have been around long before the IoT as we know it today, through technologies like RFID. This means that, whatever sales could have been impacted by appealing to parents’ peace of mind when their kids are outside their sight, have already occurred before IoT software started trending.

But the IoT has taken the concept and made it better, and so software like AllMyTribe are all about innovation. Now, all that’s needed is a SIM in the device, and there are hardly any range limitations for features like GPS, because the safety features are digital. As long as there is an internet connection available, parents will have peace of mind based on the safety features.

Final words

Vodafone could begin selling the Spacetalk kids watch as early as August. The smartwatch can be bundled with Vodafone’s Red Wearable plan for an all-in-one monthly fee. The Spacetalk has all smartphone functionalities, along with a GPS tracker, call screening, SOS, and other security features for parents powered by AllMyTribe IoT software.

Neil Aitken

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