Belong Teams Up with SPACETALK

SPACETALK Kids smartwatch

Kids are owning mobile devices earlier than ever, but some parents feel the positive aspects of giving them a device for communication and safety can be outweighed by the negatives.

Australian company SPACETALK have been making safety devices for children that are set to get a lot more visible. The small but mighty telco Belong will be teaming up with SPACETALK to power the devices with a special deal geared directly towards SPACETALK users.

This device makes it easier to stay in touch with your children and keep them safe. So who are Belong, and what can SPACETALK offer?

The Mobile Company

Belong entered the market in 2013 as a Telstra challenger company to provide another option for home broadband ADSL and NBN. They also launched a mobile section, which offers either contracts or post-paid plans on a no lock-in, month-to-month contract.

The driving idea behind Belong is simplicity, with the aim to make phone bills cheaper, less complicated, and free of hidden surprises. Their range is known for its great value, as well as the “data vault” which stores unused data from one month and rolls it over for use in the next month, giving customers the chance to use all the data they pay for.

The plans tend to have generous data allowances for some of the least expensive prices on the market. For this reason, they are particularly suited to families with children who are new to owning a mobile phone.

The Wearable Device

SPACETALK has been developed by MGM Wireless limited as a communication device and safety tracker for children. These types of devices are better known in countries that have higher safety risks for children, but children don’t need to be at risk for the device to be successful.

SPACETALK looks like a smartwatch, and has many watch functions such as alarms and timers. It can also function as a fitness tracker to help encourage children to be active. The GPS locator in combination with licensed use of Google Maps allows parents to know where their children are, as well as when they enter and leave designated safe zones.

Perhaps most impressively, the device can be used as a mobile phone with reduced functions. Like a mobile phone, the device needs a SIM card, and can make and receive calls and text.

Unlike a mobile phone, SPACETALK has removed the features that make a smartphone an unappealing choice for parents. The device allows two-way text and calls, but only to numbers that have been installed by the adult, through an app on their smartphone. That means the adult is in control of who their child communicates with using the device, a key safety aspect for many parents.

The device doesn’t allow the wearer any access to the internet, YouTube, videos, or any other online activities that need to be monitored in young children. Notifications and messaging can be disabled during school hours to prevent distraction. It is also a wearable device, making it harder for children to lose.

Partnering Up

The partnership between Belong and MGM Wireless works due to the low-cost, no-frills plans offered by the telco which have already shown great appeal to families. MGM Wireless CEO Mark Fortunatow said:

“Thousands of SPACETALK customers already use Belong, and the combination of high-quality reception through Telstra’s network and attractive pricing on the Belong plan make this a compelling offer for families to use SPACETALK.”

Belong will begin to market a specially-branded SIM for use with the SPACETALK device, as well as marketing it through their platform. In return, dedicated SPACETALK users are more likely to sign up with the telco to power their devices.

Keeping Kids Safe with SPACETALK and Belong

The device from MGM Wireless is breaking down many of the barriers that have made parents think twice before purchasing a smartphone for their child. It harnesses the positive aspects, like being able to communicate with trusted people and updating parents on their child’s location, while removing negatives like access to potentially harmful sites.

The partnership with Belong removes another potential barrier – the cost. With no-frills plans that offer generous data inclusions for a low monthly price and no lock-on contracts necessary, Belong helps parents to keep their children safe for an affordable price.

For many parents, the ability to stay in touch with their children is outweighed by the risks involved in letting young children have a smartphone. SPACETALK and Belong provide an option that gives parents peace of mind about their children’s whereabouts, and at a price that won’t take a toll on their wallets.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.