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The ‘Best Selling Plans’ page shows you what’s popular

We are all herd animals. We want to make sure that we are making the right decision and one important feature to consider is what other people think of the decision we are about to make. There is a whole science to it – some call it The Wisdom Of Crowds.

As a simple ‘rule of thumb’ it’s often the case that it makes sense to defer to people who know more on a subject than we do. That’s especially true when you’re shopping for a phone plan. The problem to solve, for plan hunters is a substantial one. There are nearly 50 phone companies in Australia and each has their own range of phone plans.

Our charts and the statistics we offer alongside them are designed to give you an additional tool to pick a shortlist of plans to research further.

How does the best selling plans tool work?

We count up all the clicks each day, to each partner, and show them in a prioritized list. You can filter the list according to the plan name, click the operator logo to see their review, find out additional information like which phone networks and companies are most popular. Finally, you can see what proportion of people are researching prepaid vs postpaid plans.

Use this tool to identify the plans that are most popular with our visitors. They may be worth more of your attention.

Benefits of using the Best Selling Plans explorer tool

The Best Selling Plans tool does the following things well.

  • Summaries information across different plan types (prepaid, postpaid):
    Our tool helps you get to the plan that’s likely to be of use to you. We focus on the features you want, rather than exhibiting bias before we start the comparison.
  • Identifies plans with the best value data inclusions:
    Data is the most important element in any phone plan these days. Our simple comparison table lets you weigh up the data inclusions of all the plans in the top 10.
  • Makes you aware of promotions which you may not have noticed:
    Plans on promo have a habit of becoming best sellers. This list will show you the most popular deals in market at the moment – and let you know how long you have to take advantage of them.

Makes you aware of your alternatives:
We run detailed surveys of the Australian public and their phone plan buying behavior every year and track the results. In the last 2 whatphone surveys only around 250% of people knew the number of phone company options they had in Australia. Our list exposes you to brands you may not otherwise have heard of.

Cons of the Top Plans explorer tool

  • It’s not right for everyone:
    It’s possible that some users will have legitimate needs (from a phone plan) which people have which are not mainstream. To people, for example, who go overseas for work and need to keep their mobile and existing number, despite being overseas, paying more for roaming might make sense. Plans containing this sort of feature are not likely to make it in to the ‘Best Seller’ list because the requirement is a niche one.
  • It doesn’t include data only plans:
    This tool is focused on helping people make a decision on the right phone plan to buy – for their primary smartphone. An increasing proportion of people are buying mobile broadband SIMs, which only have data, no voice service entitlements.

The measures we use are real and keep it simple

Our Best Seller tool us useful because it shows you what people actually click on, not what they say they will click on. More than 90% of people pick the top 10 phone plans but there are hundreds out there to pick from.

Getting recommendations on the right phone plans and SIMs to be on your shortlist from people in the same boat as you can help significantly shorten the time it takes to research our options.