Telstra Plus vs Vodafone’s Loyalty Scheme – Which Is Better?

comparing Telstra and Vodafone plans

Introducing Telstra Plus

Telstra Plus is a reward program designed by Telstra to appreciate its existing customers. Launched on the 2nd of April, Telstra plus allows customers to rack up points per purchase of Telstra products/services. For every $1 put towards a purchase, a subscriber gains 10 points. These points can then be used to redeem select products and services.

Introducing Vodafone’s VeryMe

Vodafone’s VeryMe is a loyalty scheme created by Vodafone in order to reward its existing customers with gifts and special offers. Launched in November 2018, VeryMe grants Vodafone mobile users access to special offers and rewards via the network’s official mobile application.

Vodafone mobile app.

The Vodafone mobile app allows access to VeryMe rewards. Source

Comparing Telstra Plus and VeryMe

Telstra and Vodafone< are two of the three largest telecos in Australia – Optus being the third. In a bid to secure the interests and loyalty of their costumers, each telco has created a unique reward system to suit its corresponding market.

Telstra’s Telstra Plus and Vodafone’s VeryMe are promising loyalty schemes. However, to see which triumphs over the other – if at all – we would have to take a closer look at certain factors.

  • Eligibility and Registration
    On Telstra Plus, existing members on the Telstra network are automatically eligible to sign up for the loyalty scheme. All existing customers must meet three criteria to sign up:

    • You must be 18 or older.
    • You must have an active Telstra personal/consumer service.
    • You must have a Telstra ID

    Business accounts are currently ineligible to join Telstra Plus.

    VeryMe is accessible to its Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go subscribers. In order to access the reward program, subscribers are required to download the latest version of the Vodafone App on their mobile devices.

    Subscribers who utilise services such as Mobile Broadband only, or Home Broadband only, are not eligible for the VeryMe reward scheme – it’s only available to mobile subscribers.

  • Offers
    Offers on Telstra Plus are available per membership category. Telstra Plus is divided into three membership categories and offers/rewards are issued based on these categories. The higher the category, the more valuable the reward. It is important to note that membership categories can be upgraded during the membership year.
    These membership categories are:

    • All Members
    • Silver Members
    • Gold Members

    Benefits are based on what membership tier you’re on.
    Membership tier and rewards. Source: Whatphone

    The exact variety of rewards available to each category is yet to be announced by the network. However, the network has stated that the reward program will be inclusive of discounts on tickets, special packages, actual devices, and VIP services.

    VeryMe presents tailored offers to subscribers on a daily or weekly basis. Unlike Telstra, VeryMe has no membership tiers. All offers are available to all Vodafone mobile subscribers.

    By opening the Vodafone App and clicking on VeryMe, subscribers are able to choose from a wide array of gifts and rewards suited to their tastes. Each gift/reward comes with its own set of terms and conditions. These rewards include:

    • Discounts on movie tickets
    • Discounts on electronic appliances
    • Free food/gift items and so much more
  • Consumer Responsibilities
    The consumer responsibilities on both VeryMe and Telstra Plus are minimal.VeryMe requires the subscriber’s device to be compatible with the application. For Pay As You Go (PAYG) subscribers, a minimum recharge must have occurred within 6 weeks prior to an attempt access these promotional offers.Telstra Plus requires subscribers to maintain minimum monthly/yearly expenditure in order to maintain the membership tier at which they operate. The higher the tier, the higher the minimum average expenditure.

Final words: Making a choice

Telstra Plus and VeryMe offer valuable rewards and worthwhile incentives to their subscribers. By exploring these schemes in-depth, we are able to see where they both fall short of each other.

VeryMe holds better than Telstra Plus in terms of inclusivity as all offers are available to all mobile subscribers. Unlike Telstra Plus, Vodafone does not save the biggest benefits for the biggest customers.

Telstra Plus is not limited to mobile subscribers as with VeryMe. As long as a Telstra subscriber meets the eligibility for Telstra Plus, they can earn reward points from mobile subscriptions and hardware purchase. VeryMe does not use a point based reward system. Rewards are obtained based on personal choice as all offers come with a different set of terms and conditions.

The lack of clarity so far on the exact offers available on Telstra Plus poses a discouragement to subscribers. Telstra promises to unveil everything about the reward scheme’s offers in the near future.

Until then, it’s difficult to make a decisive choice where information on the subject is incomplete. It is advisable to explore your wants and needs as a subscriber before opting to commit to a loyalty scheme.



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