Benefits of Having a Smartwatch

Some smartwatches are only fully functional when connected to a smartphone.

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A closer look at smartwatches

Smartwatches are small, portable devices that are fashioned after classic time pieces. They are a type of wearable device packed with a wide array of features that reduce the amount of gadgets needed to be carried at one time. Although referred to as smartwatches, these devices do a lot more than tell the time.

Smartwatches have become increasingly popular over the years. According to an IDC report, there was an 8.5 percent growth in the smartwatch market in 2018 alone. Further, an expected 86 million smartwatches will be shipped in 2021, twice the figures of 2017. By 2022, smartwatches alone are expected to account for over 63 percent of the wearable device market.

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular.

A closer look at the smartwatch market. Source

This sudden popularity isn’t the result of the trendy idea of these devices. Instead, they are due to the many benefits that come with owning a smartwatch.

Benefits of having a smartwatch

Smartwatches are multifaceted gadgets. Although simple and portable, they are able to perform a wide array of functions that would otherwise be attributed to larger, more complex devices. Here are some of the benefits of owning a smartwatch:

  • Mobile features:
    Smartwatches allow users to connect to other devices, the most popular being Smartwatches can access features particular to your smartphones, including mobile calling capabilities and messaging. Smartwatches can make cellular calls in two ways — they can act as a remote used to pick up calls which are then answered on the smartphone, while some also come with cellular network abilities in which become a standalone device with a SIM. Whatever the case may be, users never have to miss a call again.
  • Alerts and notifications:
    Smartwatches are able to receive important notifications from connected devices. Depending on the type of smartwatch – either standalone or a connected device – notifications are bound to differ. These notifications are usually from social media applications such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. While some watches only notify the wearer of their notifications, some watches allow other interactions with the applications. Smartwatches are also able to notify their wearers of set reminders, emails, and even pre-planned events recorded in calendars.
  • Extra connectivity:
    Smartwatches give their users extra connectivity to the world. In situations where users are unable to access connected devices such as phones, smartwatches work well to keep them aware of their social situations. Being able to receive calls and text messages from the comfort of their wrists is especially beneficial to individuals who perform high intensity exercises that make using devices such as phones difficult. Whether one is swimming, cycling, or running, the smartwatch simplifies the communication process.
  • Longer connectivity periods:
    Smartwatches keep their users connected for much longer periods than regular smartphones. This is due to the fact that smartwatches often have stronger batteries than their phone counterparts. In the event that an individual’s phone dies, they can still communicate just as easily with their smartwatches. This is an especially useful feature in users who perform activities that take up long periods of time, such as hiking and camping.
  • Health-related benefits:
    Smartwatches are often imbibed with the functionalities of mainstream fitness trackers. This gives smartwatches an edge over regular fitness trackers as they do even more than monitor health and fitness parameters. Smartwatches are able to track the following:

    • Heart rate
    • Sleep time and quality
    • Physical activity (Via features such as pedometers)
    • Blood pressure
    • Calories

    These features are especially beneficial to smartwatch users who want to keeping regular tabs on the quality of their health.

  • Navigation and location services:
    Although not widely available, many more smartwatches are adding GPS (Global Positioning Systems) and navigation systems to their repertoire of features. A widely essential feature, GPS is anticipated to become a staple feature in smartwatches in years to come. GPS is an essential feature for smartwatch users who desire to track their physical activities, or just track their way around town. GPS-enabled smartwatches allow users to accurately document parameters such as distance during physical activities.


In the world we live in, it is important to stay connected. Nowadays, information can be relayed easily and swiftly over a wide range of devices, one of such being smartwatches. These devices combine the functionality and features of a smartphone with the basics of a wristwatch. Their portability increases their ease of use, and the fact that they are wearable ensures easy access allowing the wearer to stay informed.

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