How to Cancel TPG Internet

TPG network coverage / speed

Just a couple of years ago, TPG had plans to become the fourth largest mobile network. However, the telco later joined forces with Vodafone Hutchinson Australia through a $15bn merger to form TPG Telecom, which is now the third largest telco in the country.

Here’s a look at TPG’s coverage for both Internet and mobile SIM plans:

  • Mobile network coverage 
    TPG plans rely on Vodafone’s 4G network, which covers 96 percent of the Australian population.

While you’ll find a wide range of telecommunication services from TPG Telecom, there’s always the possibility that you might not be completely satisfied. In such a case, knowing that you can cancel your TPG Internet and mobile services brings peace of mind. In this post, we’ll tell you all about TPG services and how to cancel them.  

TPG services

Over the years, TPG have been known for their Internet service, but they also sell mobile phone plans on the Vodafone network. Even after the merger with Vodafone, TPG continues to offer mobile SIM plans that are separate from Vodafone’s own SIM only lineup.

You’ll find a range of services for personal customers, including Internet, phone, and mobile plans. TPG also offer services to businesses and enterprises. 

Here, we’ll focus on some of TPG’s Internet and mobile plans for personal customers.

TPG Internet plans:

TPG offer NBN plans, home wireless broadband, and Fiber to the Building bundles to personal customers looking for Internet solutions for their homes.

Here’s a look at NBN plans from TPG:

 PopularSuperfast/UltrafastBudget Plans
Contract termChoose from 6-month contract (No set up fees), No lock-in (with modem and $99 set up fee), or No lock-in BYO (Bring-Your-Own) modem (No set up fees).No lock-in BYO modem (No set up fees).Choose from 6-month contract (No set up fees), No lock-in (with modem and $99 set up fee), or No lock-in BYO (Bring-Your-Own) modem (No set up fees).
Price range4 plans ranging from $59.99 to $79.99 (current promo price) per month.2 plans from $94.99 to $114.99 per month (For first 6 months).2 plans from $29.99 to $49.99 per month.
Data and speedUnlimited data at 12Mbps to 90Mbps evening speeds.Unlimited data at 200Mbps to 250Mbps evening speeds.10GB data to 100GB data at 12Mbps evening speeds.

NBN plans are fixed wired plans, and TPG also offer other fixed wired Internet bundles and services. If you want a wireless Internet plan, TPG also offer a wireless home broadband plan. This no lock-in plan comes with a free WiFi modem and no set up fees, and includes unlimited data at up to 20Mbps download speeds for less than $55.

TPG SIM only plans:

If you’re looking for SIM only plans for your mobile phone, TPG offer prepaid plans using the Vodafone network, and they come with free SIM card and delivery. However, TPG SIM plans currently use only the Vodafone 4G network, not the 5G network.  

Here’s a look at the prepaid SIM only plans from TPG:

 TPG Prepaid SIM Only Mobile Plans 
Price range4 plans ranging from $20 to $40.
Data12GB to 60GB.
National Voice and SMSUnlimited standard national talk and text.
International Voice$5 add on for unlimited International calls to 37 countries.

TPG Internet customer service satisfaction

TPG Internet services command around 17 percent of Australian Internet subscribers. The telco includes Chariot, Alphalink, Soul, and AAPT, as well as their subsidiary iiNet. 

A recent survey by Choice found that around 45 percent of Australians have complaints about their Internet service. The same survey found that TPG subscribers fell within that average, with around 56 percent of respondents having no complaints about their TPG Internet service.

The Choice survey found that the overall customer satisfaction for TPG is at 77 percent, ranked Number 6 in the country. 

How to cancel TPG internet

If you’re a TPG customer and you wish to cancel your service, you’ll find the process to be quite straightforward.

To cancel your TPG service, just place a call to 1300 993 019 and a TPG representative will walk you through the process. 

If it is a mobile plan and you wish to keep your existing phone number, wait until your new telco informs you that your number has been successfully ported before canceling your service.

Also, we advise that you request cancellation around 2 weeks prior to your next billing cycle in order to avoid being charged for a new month.


For now, TPG are still being run as a separate brand, even months after their merger with Vodafone was announced. You can cancel your TPG Internet service by giving them a call on the phone. 

Phone companies generally prefer you to ring in to cancel a service with them so they have an opportunity to change your mind. As a result, ‘pretending’ to cancel can be useful once in a while. Even the suggestion that you might leave, whispered in the ear of a TPG customer service rep, could secure you a discount on your service.

Neil Aitken

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