Samsung Galaxy Note vs The 7 Mobile Phones 90% of Australians Buy

Samsung Galaxy Note vs – The Whatphone top 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note vs : Those who have used it, love the Samsung Galaxy Note.

That includes me.

The screen is so large and beautiful, you just can’t stop looking at it.

After a week, people, again including me, seem to forget the dimensions that put window shoppers off.

The Note has a stylus to appeal to both out of the box thinkers and the artistic, alike.

We live in a world of very similar mobile phones.

To a degree, that’s is what makes it so difficult to decide on the new one you want.

The Note stands apart as a deliberately and genuinely differentiated mobile.

The Note has been in the Whatphone top 7, the devices that more that 90% of people buy, for several months now.

It’s been so successful that they’ve just announced the Note 2.

So, if the Note has made your short list then take a look below.


Samsung Galaxy Note vs HTC One X

The HTC One X has a large screen by any objective standard.

It usually competes with the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Together, those two products have changed mainstream thinking on what a normal screen looks like on a mobile phone.

The Note dwarfs them both.

The Note’s battery is large enough to power Godzilla’s torch for a month. It keeps the screen bright for just about as long as the HTC One X’s.

They are both mobile phones worthy of serious consideration.

Check out the Samsung Galaxy Note vs HTC One X in depth comparative review to find what phone is right for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone 4S

They’re both dual core and have 8MP cameras. That’s it.

That’s where the equality between the Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone 4S ends.

Pretty much every other feature is distinct.

If you want to find out what living with each is like, check out this comparison.

We’ll tell you whether the heft of the Note gets in the way. We’ll let you know if the refined Goerge Clooneyesque looks of the iPhone 4S offset the enormous amount of extra real estate on the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Open up and inwardly digest the write up that Kurt Handsome did of the time he spent considering the Samsung Galaxy Note vs iPhone 4S.

Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung have really got their stuff together.

Their brand is going from strength to strength in the world of mobile phones and the strength of their offerings is the clear reason why.

Distract yourself if you can from the dodgy plastic back on both the S3 and Note products and you’ll see, when you compare the Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy S3 that in your hands are two of the strongest mobile phones on the market.

No wonder they’ve both made it to the Whatphone Top 7.

If you can make your decision on screen alone then go ahead.

But if you want a more considered comparison, take a look at our comparison review article.

Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S2 were separated at birth.

Looking at their screen, from a distance, you’ll see they have almost identical appearances – except for the size – obviously !

Despite being more than a year old now the Samsung Galaxy S2 has :

  • 8MP camera, the same as the Note,
  • Dual core processor, the same as the Note
  • and 16GB of expandable memory – the same as the Note.

The Galaxy S2 truly was ahead of its time. But that was last year. You’re comparing them now.

Take a look a the commonalities and differences between the Samsung Galaxy Note vs Samsung Galaxy S2 and you can decide for yourself.

So, there you have it. The Samsung Galaxy Note compared to all the other devices in the WhatPhone Top 7.

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However you go about your research, we hope we’ve played a small part in helping.

Good luck finding what phone is right for you.
Sept ’12

Written by:
Kurt Hands

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.