Samsung Release a New Smartwatch

Samsung Release a New Smartwatch

Samsung have released a new smartwatch, and it is fully utilising the available eSIM technology to add another dimension to smartwatch functionality. The watch was released on October 4th, and is Samsung’s third watch with Telstra One Number compatibility. Although originally billed as a Telstra exclusive, on the day of release Vodafone announced that they would also be offering the smartwatch with Vodafone “NumberSync” compatibility. 

eSIMs and Wearable Devices

Consumers eagerly anticipated a time when embedded SIM cards would become standard inclusions in technology. The rollout of embedded SIMs in smartphones has been sluggish, but wearable devices are leading the way with an in-built SIM that allows them to connect to a network and to other devices without needing to change providers.

Eventually, eSIMs will allow their users to have multiple numbers on a single device, have a single number across multiple devices, and easily switch between providers – eventually including overseas providers, effectively eliminating global roaming charges.

For now though, the eSIM provides a stable, reliable SIM without the need for a bulky tray, which frees up space within the device for additional tech. Connected with a service like Telstra One Number or Vodafone NumberSync, the smartwatch will be able to function as if it is the primary smartphone device, including being able to use the number associated with the account and access account inclusions such as data allowances.

Telstra One Number a Step into the Future

One of the reasons that creating eSIMs for smartphone devices is slow is that there’s little point in creating a device that can share numbers without a network that will support it. Telstra’s One Number service enables eSIM wearable devices to access the Telstra network through the primary device’s account. A compatible Android handset can “share” their number with the wearable device, making the eSIM enabled watch able to act as a smaller version of the primary device for many functions.

Last year, Telstra became one of the first Australian telcos to utilise eSIM technology for different brands of smartwatch with Telstra One Number. The Galaxy is the third eSIM enabled device Telstra have offered, and its remarkable tech will undoubtedly attract consumer interest.

About the Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch has been released in two different sizes – the 46 mm silver, and the 42 mm midnight black and rose gold. The watches are attractive, surprisingly light and not clunky to wear. Users can change the look of their watch by opting for different coloured bands, depending on the model chosen. The battery life has been upgraded from other models, and Samsung have identified the look of the device and its health monitoring features as particularly important, as well as the general design and technology.

Key features are as follows:

  • Longer Battery Life.
    The 46mm watch comes with a 472mAh battery, while the 42 mm has a 270mAh battery. Either way, it’s a step up from previous designs and partly reflects the price difference between the two sizes.
  • Keep Track of Health.
     The watch ties in with Samsung Health, and it allows users to track heart rate and calories, access exercise programs, and still use the basic functions on past devices like a step counter.
  • Water Resistant.
    This device can even be used while swimming, and also provides protection against other possible sources of moisture damage such as heavy sweating and washing hands. Max depth is 50m for up to 10 minutes. The watch can even track your strokes while swimming.
  • Sleep monitoring.
    The Galaxy Watch tracks the wearer’s sleep, including the four different stages of sleep to report on sleep quality. It is also able to monitor stress levels, and offers guided breathing programs to assist with reducing stress.
  • Personal Assistant.
    The Galaxy Watch allows you to see all appointments, reminders, scheduled meetings and more, alerting you when things come up and providing a summary of the goals you achieved that day.
  • Pay on the move.
    Samsung Pay allows customers to make purchases at supporting businesses with their phone, and with the Galaxy Watch those purchases become even easier. Leaving your phone and wallet at home no longer has to be a problem.
  • Portable and convenient.
    While your watch can’t replace your primary device (or function at its best without a compatible android phone), there are some things it can do better. Make calls, send texts and use data on the go – with a compatible plan, leaving your phone behind is no big deal.
  • Realistic look.
    You don’t have to sacrifice elegance for technology. The Galaxy Watch looks like an expensive standard watch, and with its round face, watch hands (that even have shadows for realism) and ticking sound, this watch will turn heads – and even more so when you answer a call with it.

How to Get Your Hands on a Galaxy

Telstra were the major partners for the Australian release, although Vodafone have since jumped on board.

Telstra’s website states that customers can “take up a 42mm model for $25/mth for 24mths when they maintain a home or mobile plan (Min cost $600 + your existing plan charges) or $600 outright.

“The 46mm model will be available for $27/mth for 24mths when they maintain a home or mobile plan (Min cost $648 + your existing plan charges) or $648 outright. Telstra One Number is an additional $5/mth”.

Vodafone customers will need to head in-store or call up to get their hands on a device, but are charging $599 for the 42mm version and $649 for the 46mm.

Purchasing a Galaxy

If you’re looking for a smart watch, the Galaxy Watch from Samsung is a top-notch option for so many reasons – the tech, the look and the functions. It’s also compatible with other android phones through Bluetooth, so you don’t have to own a Samsung smartphone to own a Galaxy.

However, if you want to utilise the eSIM through Telstra One Number, you’ll need to have a Samsung Android handset paired with your device. Other handsets may be supported in future. You will also need to be a Telstra customer, and pay a $5 per month fee for the One Number function.

Vodafone customers are estimated to have access to NumberSync around Christmas, so you won’t be able to use your eSIM right away.

It’s exciting for consumers to see technology straight from an old spy movie now available to wear around their wrists – and it looks great. With or without the eSIM function, the Galaxy Watch is a stylish, smart investment that will put you ahead in both technology and fashion.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.