The #1 Way To Save Money On Your Australian iPhone 6S SIM

60 Second Guide to saving money on your iPhone 6S plan

This is the guts of the way to save money on a SIM Only price plan for your iPhone 6S. We reckon you can get more data for every dollar you spend, if you follow our simple suggestion. Below the number one recommendation and our other key points, we go in to more detail on each idea presented :

The Number 1 way to save money on your Australian iPhone is :

  • Having the confidence to try a new phone company :
    They’re also called MVNOs. We have examples on this page.

Why do we think that’s the number 1 way to save money on a SIM Only plan for your iPhone 6S ?

  • You get more for your money :
    Check out these deals. You tell us which you think is better value.

Amaysim Prepaid $30.00 offers better value than Vodafone Prepaid $30.00

Both cost around $30
Prepaid month to month

  • Deal 1

  • Per Month


  • Voice

    Unlimited Talk & Text in Oz

  • Data

    9.0 GB


Amaysim use the Optus 4G network

  • Deal 1

  • Per Month


  • Voice

    Unlimited Talk & Text in Oz

  • Data

    9.0 GB


Amaysim use the Optus 4G network



  • You have more options than ever before :
    There’s never been a better time for you to buy an iPhone 6S with a SIM Only plan from one of Australia’s smaller phone companies. There are now options on the Optus 4G and Telstra 4G networks.
  • Make sure you get a plan with at least 3GB of data :
    And ensure you keep your options open. The iPhone 6S and other devices with similar components are using 3GB of data every month now. Your usage is likely to increase during the time you own the device, too, so having a flexible plan is key.



OVO – Free Video & Radio Content

Prepaid | 30 day expiry | On the Full Optus 3G and 4G Network 

OVO’s offer a totally new way of looking at a phone company – they’re one of our best selling partners. Their plans are, pretty much on a par for data inclusions with the best in the industry. In addition to talk time, SMS and data, OVO’s plans include exclusive access to exclusive video content. All of OVO’s plans come with ‘OVO Play’ an app which lets you watch their free content on your plan. With OVO, you’ll get:

  • Free Video Content – Motorsport, Sailing, Gymnastics & Water Polo :
    OVO offer a growing list of free video and audio content. Motorsport fans might like the 400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series, Australian GT, Formula Drift and other petrol head live streaming. OVO Play also includes other sports like sailing and gymnastics. The price of the content is included in the monthly line rental charge you pay OVO for your prepaid plan. So, importantly: You won’t see your data balance decline while you’re watching them, the streamed content is free.
  • Free Streamed Audio:
    OVO’s plans also offer FREE radio streaming, also included in your plan offers access to the Tripple M network and other selected stations.
  • OVO for Kids:
    OVO’s plans come with the offer of free access to Parental Lock software. Buy your child the $9.95 plan from OVO and you’ll be able to monitor what they access on their phone and set times for it to turn off and turn on it’s own connection to the internet.

OVO Plans for your mobile

Picking an OVO plan is simple. All of OVO’s plans include Unlimited talk and SMS in Australia to Australian numbers plus superfast 4G data.

You can learn more about them and their unique content in our OVO review.



Boost Mobile | Best Prepaid Data Rates On The Full Telstra Network

boost mobile logo

Prepaid | 28 day expiry | On The Telstra Mobile Network 3G+4G

Boost Mobile are a reliable brand. They are the only phone company other than Telstra to resell the full Telstra ‘Retail’ Network. With Boost you’ll get:

  • The full Telstra Mobile Network
    Other phone companies resell part of the Telstra Mobile Network. Only Boost and Telstra plans allow you access the whole thing.
  • Free streamed audio:
    Data free streaming of Apple Music (requires subscription) on top of the data included in your plan.
  • A range that includes 7 day and 28 day plans:
    Boost offer a selection of plans including 7 and 28 day variants.
  • Recharge options from $10 to $50:
    Boost have a total of 5 recharge options for their prepaid plans, ranging between $10 and $50.

Boost Mobile Plans For Your Mobile

  • Boost Prepaid $20Advertisement = Unlimited calls & SMS in Oz + 5GB data.
  • Boost Prepaid $30Advertisement = Unlimited calls & SMS in Oz +35GB (includes 15GB bonus data on first 3 recharges) data. 
  • Boost Prepaid $40Advertisement = Unlimited calls & SMS in Oz + 45GB (includes 15GB bonus data on first 3 recharges) data. 
  • Boost Prepaid $50Advertisement = Unlimited calls & SMS in Oz + 55GB (includes 15GB bonus data on first 3 recharges) data.
  • Boost Prepaid $70Advertisement = Unlimited calls & SMS in Oz + 80GB (includes 15GB bonus data on first 3 recharges) data.

All talk time and SMS for use in Australia to Australian numbers. All data is for use in Australia. You can learn more about this company in our Boost Mobile review.



Common concerns over taking a SIM Only plan from a smaller phone company

People who work in the industry often have MVNO plans. If you have worked for the phone companies then you know that what they sell ( network access – voice, data and SMS ) is a commodity. In fact, it’s such a commodity, Vodafone, Optus and Telstra have to dress it all up in a lot of branding and throw in unnecessary features to confuse the issue. You’ll have seen each of them adding TV streaming services to their plans as well as all the TV advertising to make you remember their products.

Buying a SIM from an MVNO is like buying your electricity from a reseller. The result is exactly the same. You still get your commodity – electricity – you just pay less for it. Additionally, the customer service is often much better ( for example, Amaysim, one of our 4G recommendations regularly wins the monthly and annual Roy Morgan customer service awards ) then if you went to the major telcos.

People worry about :

  • They won’t give me priority on the network :
    Yes they will. The network prioritization is exactly the same for users of MVNO / reseller networks as for users of the main networks.
  • It’s weird and I don’t like it :
    None of the plans we offer here have contract terms of more than 1 month. If you don’t like the company, you can just leave.
  • Can I keep my number ? :
    Yes you can. The process is called porting. I change around a lot to make sure I am trying out all the new services I can and the longest I’ve ever waited to port is overnight.

More detail on the right SIM Only plan

  • The iPhone 6S is a data hungry device :
    We generally recommend at least 3GB of 4G data per month in your plan allowance. The phone companies are making it their business to provide you with as many different ways for you to eat through your data allowance as possible. Family Plans, auto data add on, Streaming video as part of their plans.
  • It’s a month to month agreement :
    Giving yourself the option to change the level of data entitlement you have in your phone is a key requirement given the rapid change in data usage habits. All of the plans we recommend on this page have 3 day terms.
  • Prepaid and postpaid options :
    Amaysim offer their plans as prepaid and postpaid variants. Boost Mobile only offer prepaid plans.
  • You have options on the Optus and Telstra 4G networks :
    Since Boost launched their 4G network in late 2015, you’ve had the offer of 2 4G networks from smaller phone companies.

Comparing Optus, Vodafone and Telstra’s iPhone SIM Only offers :

  • Telstra’s deals have ben jacked up for launch :
    The new iPhone went on sale on the 25th September 2015. Telstra have in place a double data offer until shortly after that period. That gives you 5GB of Telstra 4G data for $50 per month. Telstra’s coverage is pretty good. Their 4G network covers 99% of the Australian population . Optus covers 96.6% of the Australian population and Vodafone 96% of metro area . If you live in the bush and need the extra coverage, it makes sense to go for Telstra’s 4G. If you don’t live in the bush, why pay more ?
  • Vodafone & Optus have included all voice and SMS in to all it’s plans :
    MVNOs have unlimited plans but they also have smaller voice allowances for those who don’t want to pay for unlimited inclusions. Vodafone and Optus’ iPhone pricing is actually remarkably similar which is interesting given the difference in network quality.

The other point of view :

  • You won’t get a free phone :
    The most influential negative aspect of choosing to get a SIM Only plan for yourself is that you have to buy the iPhone 6S / 6S Plus yourself, outright. The iPhone is an expensive device anyway. Add to that the fact that the exchange rate has moved against the Australian dollar around 30% in the last year and you can start to understand why the most basic version of the new iPhone costs more than $1000.
  • You’ll be trying a new brand :
    If it was clothing, you’d be prepared to give it a go. Changing the company you buy your phone service from can be different and difficult. In many ways, a brand represents a familiar product you know will solve your problem.
  • You will not get carrier aggregated speeds :
    Known as 4GX on Telstra, carrier aggregation is, technically, a way your phone accesses two network frequencies at the same time in order to be able to download your data faster.
  • You plan will lack ‘nice to have’ features :
    Streaming video on demand offerings like Stan or Netflix, offered by Vodafone, Optus and Telstra will not be included free of charge for a period in your MVNO plan
  • Loyalty programs :
    The Loyalty programs offered by the phone companies are usually pretty anemic. The profit margin is generally so small in plans these days that
  • There are no Vodafone MVNOs with 4G :
    If you have a 3G phone, you’ll get a great deal from Lebara but you won’t have a 4G option.

Summing Up

You’ve done the maths and figured out that, for you, buying your 6S outright and adding a SIM Only plan to it makes sense. You’re one of an increasing number of people doing the same thing.

Sim Only plans are cheaper and they offer a greater amount of flexibility and getting one from a smaller phone company will save you money. Bendigo was one of the smaller phone company with 4G capabilities. Then, Amaysim was granted access to the Optus 4G network too. Finally, Boost have announced that people on their Telstra 4G network will have faster speeds. The list of reasons to choose Vodafone and Optus just got a lot smaller. And if you don’t need Telstra’s coverage, don’t pay the extra.

See all SIM Only plans

If you need another network, for example you’re after an unlimited plan with Telstra coverage, or you live in a city and you’re happy with Vodafone, you might like to check our SIM Only Comparison page and compare all the plans ( including every one mentioned on this page. )



Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.