The Best Phone Plans for ‘Foldable’ Phones

Phone Plans for 'Foldable' Phones

Foldable phones are here to stay

Foldable phones seemed like something out of a Sci-fi movie, but they became a reality in 2019. Samsung led the way with the Galaxy Fold, but the device faced many challenges that caused the tech giant to halt its production and sales due to defects with the screen.

Samsung’s recall was seen as an I-told-you-so moment by some. Many naysayers predicted foldable failures, prophesying that a phone that folds and opens repeatedly where the screen is could not possible be durable enough to last.

But Samsung came back stronger with a second gen foldable phone, and other tech companies released their foldable phones as well. So far, consumers love them – even with their high price tags, Samsung had sold over 400,000 foldable phones last year by itself.

Your foldable phone will work best with a dedicated plan, however, because they chew up a lot of data – more than your normal smartphone. As a result, look for phone plans with generous data inclusions. This doesn’t mean you have to break your pockets – there are cheap phone plans with plenty data inclusions.

But don’t worry, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. Read on for a list of the best phone plans for foldable phones.

Best foldable phones of 2020

Before you get a phone plan for foldable phones, you should know the best foldable phones out there right now. Here’s a look at 3 of the best foldable phones that are currently available:

  • 1. Samsung Galaxy Fold Z 2 5G
    Samsung’s second generation foldable fold, released after fixing the issues with their first foldable device. Comes with six rear cameras that includes an ultra-wide 12MP lense and a wide-angle camera at 12MP. Also includes a 7.6 inch AMOLED display, 12GB RAM, 512GB storage, and 5G capabilities for your 5G phone plan.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Z 2 5G

Samsung Galaxy Fold Z 2 5G. src

  • 2. Microsoft Surface Duo
    This unique phone features two different screens that come together when unfolded. You can multitask by doing different things on each of its 5.6 inch screen, and it rotates 360 degrees.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo src

  • 3. Huawei Mate Xs
    This foldable phone features an 8 inch OLED display. You also get 5G connectivity, which is also a plus. Keep in mind that although this device uses the Android 10 operating system, it doesn’t have Google Play Services.

Huawei Mate Xs

Huawei Mate Xs. src

The best phone plans for your foldable phone

Now that you have your foldable phone, you’ll need a solid phone plan to go with it. Foldable phones use more data than the average smart phone, so you’ll need a phone plan with generous data inclusions. You’ll find the best deals from MVNOs, but some large telcos have some great deals as well.

We’ve compared Southern Phone, Boost, Moose Mobile, and Telstra to find help you find the perfect phone plan for your foldable phone:

 Southern PhoneBoostMooseTelstra
Price rangeMonth to month: $20 to $60
12-month contract: $9 to $60
Prepaid 28-day plans from $20 to $70Month to month: $8.80 to $46.80
12-month contract: $14 to $46
Month to month: $55 to $115
Prepaid 28 days: $10 to $50
Month to month: 2.5GB to 40GB
12-month: 1GB to 80GB
5GB to 79GB (Includes bonus on some plans)Month to month: 1GB to 40GB
12-month: 5GB to 80GB
Month to month: 40GB to 180GB
Prepaid 28 days: 1GB to 43GB
Voice and SMSAll plans have unlimited standard national voice and SMS.

Some plans include some international minutes.
Unlimited standard national voice and SMS, unlimited international voice and SMS to select countries.All plans have unlimited standard national SMS. All plans except smallest month-to-month plan have unlimited standard national voice.All plans have unlimited standard national voice and SMS.

Bottom line

Foldable phones are now a thing, and they’re flying off the shelves. But with their huge data consumption, you’ll need a phone plan that matches so you can use your new device comfortably.

The perfect phone plan depends on your needs, however, so figure out what you want the most in a phone plan. For a plan with entertainment inclusions, go for a major telco like Telstra. For cheap phone plans that still give you a lot of data, try one of the MVNOs on our list.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.