What Cricket Streaming Can You Now Watch Live On Your Phone?

What Cricket Streaming Can You Now Watch Live On Your Phone?

Sport streaming on mobile devices is becoming the norm

Thanks to sports streaming services, you can break away from your boring routines at any time to hook up with your favorite sport.  That implies you can turn on cricket games on your smartphones at your convenience.

This is good news for fans and sports providers alike, as younger fans are increasingly moving away from the traditional television broadcast to live streaming apps.


Younger generations increasingly stream sports on their mobile devices.

The percentage of millennials and Generation Z that live stream sports on mobile devices has increased on a yearly basis. Source

Cricket streaming is fast becoming a mainstream service, with major telco companies jockeying for multi-million dollar exclusive broadcast rights in recent years. These deals are for various types of cricket events, from ODIs to T20s, and other local and international cricket events.

The broadcast rights also stipulate the range of devices you can stream cricket on via the service. Presently, there are options to watch cricket on desktop computers, iOS and Android devices, Telstra TV, Apple TV, and via Chromecast.

Where can you watch cricket?

The newly inked TV rights deals for cricket have brought about historic changes. For the first time in 40 years, Channel 9 has lost all rights to broadcast cricket games, as the pair of Foxtel and Seven West Media now own all rights to cricket broadcasts due to a $1.2 billion deal.

Optus had a deal to stream select cricket games last year, but they’ve also been bought out in this year’s new deals. The company is unlikely to resume streaming select cricket games any time soon, as the rights to the category of games they were broadcasting have been bought out for the next 6 years.

Here’s a look at the streaming services that currently own rights to provide Aussies with access to cricket games this year:

  1. Kayo Sports

The new live sports streaming app provides the most bang for your buck. For a $25 monthly basic pack, you get access to all home and international cricket games on your smart phone. In addition, the basic pack also comes with features that enrich your viewing experience, including a picture-in-picture view, split screen mode that allows you to watch up to four channels simultaneosly, alternative commentary, key moment highlights, and lots more.

  1. Foxtel Now

Offered by the same company behind Kayo sports, Foxtel Now offers just about the same cricket content offered by Kayo sports, except it allows you to watch cricket on a wider range of devices, including your TV (though the TV streaming option requires a $99 Foxtel Now box).

What other sports are streamed?

Telstra and OVO Mobile both offer sports streaming as part of their phone plans. Here’s an overview of their offerings:

  • Telstra’s sports streaming:
    As the oldest telco in the country, Telstra is poised to position itself as the go-to sports streaming service. The telco giant has closed ranks with several Australian sporting bodies to bring the coverage of various sporting events to their mobile customers. Mobile customers can download the Telstra sports app and stream every beat of their favorite games from AFL to NRL, NBL, Netball, and more. The app can also be accessed through mobile carriers other than Telstra, but for a fee which is quite cheap when compared to Foxtel Sports packages. More recently, the telco partnered with Kayo Sports for even more options.
  • OVO Sports Streaming:
    OVO’s sports streaming offers are undoubtedly impressive. OVO mobile and broadband customers are given access to a wide range of sports activities from esports to national rugby, water polo, and sailing. OVO is currently in an exclusive deal with Gymnastics Australia to broadcast various gymnastic events. The telco giant recently signed a 5-year deal with the Australian Esports League to exclusively broadcast all AEL’s online esports contest. The company has also signed a deal to broadcast every Brumbies Match of the Week from the ACT Club Rugby John I Dent Cup, and plans to add more content to its rugby line up this year. OVO also streams various motorsports events.

Final words — what does the future of sports streaming in Australia look like?

Ultimately, it seems likely that every type of sport with a reasonable following will eventually be available to stream. Amateurs are also likely to stream their own games.

Culturally, we are becoming more used to watching content on our phones. More sport fans have come to appreciate the advantages of streaming sports via their phones, including not having to stay locked into a couch or sofa while watching games, and avoiding pricey Foxtel sports monthly subscriptions.

Sports streaming is the future, and it benefits the consumer, broadcaster, and the sports league in question. Being able to follow your favorite team on-the-go is a positive for every sports fan. Being able to broadcast to that sports fan is a benefit for the telco or app creator, as well as for the league. This all creates value for all involved.

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