What Is Kayo Sports? Telstra’s New Content Partner

Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports and Telstra have come together to offer even more content to Australian sports fans.

Last year Telstra entered into an exclusive partnership with Foxtel’s new standalone sports streaming service, Kayo. Australians are passionate about sports and Telstra and Kayo Sports have come together to make sports streaming more enjoyable for Aussies.

Telstra offers customers Kayo Sports bundles.

Kayo and Telstra have joined each other to make sports streaming easier and more exciting. Source

What is Kayo Sports?

Kayo Sports, also known as the “Netflix of Sports”, is Australia’s biggest sports-dedicated streaming service that launched late in 2018. It offers the best of the sports world from Australia as well as abroad. Along with the ability to watch the best sports and shows, users can watch up to four different events simultaneously.

Users can use the ‘split-screen’ feature, which allows them to watch multiple matches at one time. The ‘key moments’ feature shows where to find the best parts of a match and the ‘no spoilers’ feature blocks scores from appearing in the menu while browsing. Another exciting feature of Kayo Sports is that you can watch a game from the beginning, no matter when you’ve opened the app. The Match Centre gives complex stats and both pre- and post-game videos.

How much do you need to pay for Kayo Sports?

Kayo Sports offers two different membership plans – Basic and Premium – both of which offer great value for subscribers. The Basic plan costs $25 and gives you access to an extensive library of more than 50 sports, including match commentary, interviews, live matches, on demand streaming, and much more. With this plan, you can stream on two devices at a time. On the other hand, the $35 Premium package also gives you access to all of Kayo’s content, plus an ability to access Kayo Sports on three screens concurrently.

There are no lock-in contracts; so if you only want to sign up for a surfing competition or want to watch the NRL season, you can do so without being concerned about long term contracts. Both Basic and Premium plans include a 14-day free trial period and are contract-free, so users are free to cancel your subscription any time.

‘Simultaneous screens’ is different from ‘split-screen.’ Even if you’ve split your screen across four different sports at the same time, it still counts as only one screen. Unlike Netflix, the level of Kayo Sports membership doesn’t affect streaming quality. However, Kayo doesn’t provide any 4K content, but only has HD content available. To watch live sports in 4K, customers will have to invest in Foxtel on satellite.

What you can watch on Kayo Sports?

Kayo’s exhaustive list of sports features NRL, AFL, cricket, surfing, extreme sports, sailing, boxing, darts, tennis, baseball, squash, and US football, to name a few.

Foxtel’s partnership with ESPN allows Kayo to offer plenty of international programming in addition to local Australian favourites. The latest international cricket, US college basketball, some Formula One and many more sporting codes are available.

Kayo also features live and on-demand matches, press conference footage, ‘mini’ game highlights and popular sports TV shows including The Back Page, NRL 360, and Fight Night. You can check out hundreds of hours of sports documentaries, including ESPN’s “30 for 30” series.

How to watch Kayo Sports

You can watch Kayo on your mobile, tablet, computer and TV. Currently, you can stream Kayo on the following devices:

  • PC and MAC desktops and laptops
  • iOS 11+ powered smartphones and tablets, and 4th generation Apple TV’s
  • Android powered mobiles and tablets
  • Chromecast Ultra and above, and similar capability Android TVs

There are three options to stream Kayo Sports on TV – Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Telstra TV. Telstra offers Kayo Sports bundles that customers can add to their existing Telstra account. There is also a dedicated Kayo Sports app for Telstra TV.

Telstra customers can add a Kayo Sports subscription onto their broadband or mobile bill for standard pricing that ranges between $25 and $35 per month, depending on the selected package. The real big difference that this partnership makes is a single bill for multiple services.

A new way to watch sports

Currently, it’s hard to say if Telstra will ever offer unlimited data streaming for bundled Kayo Sports plans. Telstra customers who qualify for AFL, NRL or netball subscriptions do not incur data charges for using those apps. But Kayo is a data-intensive app, meaning that an unmetered streaming offer would be a very attractive factor for sports fans. However, even over Wi-Fi, the Kayo Sports and Telstra partnership takes some of the sports monopoly from Foxtel, and offers another way that sports fans can access their favourite codes for a reasonable price.

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