Kogan – New Mobile Broadband Player In The Market

Kogan have worked with irate customers to resolve their issues and reach an agreeable conclusion.

Are you looking at mobile data plans without any phone plan add ons? These plans are especially helpful for tablets and laptops with data card slots. You just need to insert a mobile data Sim card and access the Internet anywhere – without the hassle of wifi, data modem or any data cable.  These mobile data Sim cards are usually sold by major telcos like Vodafone, Optus, Telstra and Virgin but a new player, Kogan Mobile, has now entered the 4G Mobile Broadband space.

Meet Kogan – the new kid on the block

Kogan.com is Australia’s largest online retailer, selling best products at market smashing prices. Kogan was founded in 2006 by Ruslan Kogan and currently delivers over 3 million products online. It is an independent online store that lets you purchase items straight from the manufacturer and prides itself as a customer focused brand that brings quality that is affordable too.

Kogan saw an 800% increase in profit this year, mainly due to its extended portfolio of businesses – including travel, insurance and retail. While private label products remain the primary focus of Kogan (bringing in revenue worth $93 Million), a sizeable chunk of Kogan’s profits come from Kogan Mobile. Kogan Mobile was launched in October 2015 with a 3G rollout to new and existing customers. 4G was rolled out in mid-2016, without any increase in price. After the huge success of Kogan mobile, the company has decided to launch its mobile broadband services. These services are currently running on Vodafone’s network, but will eventually make the switch to fixed line NBN services by 2018.

 Affordable and Flexible Data Plans

Are you sick of overpriced data plans, hidden fees and running out of data at the end of the month? Kogan puts the power of mobile data back in your hands! With incredible value mobile prepaid options to suit every lifestyle, making the switch is definitely worth it. Kogan broadband is especially suited for customers who want to avoid signing up with an ADSL provider or fixed-line phone connections — especially when NBN services will continue to roll out over the coming years. For example, individuals who rent their homes will benefit from such a connection, what with so many poor quality and slow speed legacy ADSL services out there.

Kogan broadband plan features:

  • Access Internet from multiple devices
  • No Lock-in contracts
  • Avoid annoyance of ADSL
  • Rapid 4G Speeds
  • No hidden fees or excess data charges
  • Easy Setup and Autorenew
  • Quick online purchase in just a few clicks

Comparing Kogan with other available services

Kogan broadband seems to be way more affordable than other players in the market. Here is a quick comparison:

 Data Per MonthCost Per Month

Clearly, Kogan gives you the best value for money beating other players by 100%. Amaysim is the only player that comes close, offering 6GB for $35 per month (compared to Kogan’s 8GB at $30)

How to make the Kogan Switch

As Kogan is an online retailer, they already have a robust infrastructure in place to get you connected remotely in a smooth and hassle-free manner. The following three steps are needed to sign up for a Kogan mobile broadband SIM:

Step 1:
Buy a Kogan mobile prepaid voucher and SIM online on Kogan.com

Step 2:
Once your data SIM arrives in the mail simply follow the instructions on the packaging to activate it. You need to fill in your contact details online during activation.

That’s it. Enjoy heaps of data and blistering 4G mobile coverage at prices worth smiling about.

Kogan user reviews

A quick glance at the Kogan mobile reviews on the Product Review website, indicate some mixed opinions around the Kogan experience. Majority of the reviews are excellent and comment on the:

  • Great value for money that Kogan offers.
  • High network speed that enables users to watch Youtube and stream videos without buffering.
  • Ease of switching over to the Kogan network
  • Helpful and responsive customer support team
  • Speed and coverage in remote areas.

Kogan (like any other product) has its fair share of negative reviews. It is good to note though that Kogan officials have responded to each and every (positive or negative) feedback on the site. They have worked with irate customers to resolve their issues and reach an agreeable conclusion. Primarily, the negative reviews revolve around:

  • Delays in receiving the pre-paid SIM card. Lot of customers expected to receive the SIM within 3-5 days but ended up receiving it closer to 12-15 business days.
  • Questionable coverage in some areas due to underlying Vodafone network.
  • Long wait times to access customer service
  • Some glitches in their data measurement software. A few users reported that their data usage was being measured more than what it actually was.

I think the primary issue around the negative feedback is that Kogan seems to be setting some high expectations around service delivery in its promotional campaigns but still does not have the infrastructure to meet those expectations. As a new entrant, the low prices probably flooded them with more business than they were prepared to handle. I would advise patience if you are planning to make the switch.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.