Extend Your Data Allowance Unlimitedly for 24 Hours

Optus Unlimited Data Day

Unleash a Truly Unlimited Data Plan for 24 Hour with Optus’ Unlimited Data Day

Optus $5

Optus Unlimited Data Day is an add-on that unlimitedly extends select existing Optus data plans. src

Got an entire day to lock yourself on your couch and stream your favorite movies and shows? Optus’ new Unlimited Data Day plan has got your insatiable data needs covered for a day. This unlimited plan is an add-on that provides an unlimited expansion of your data inclusion for a 24-hour window.

For a one-time payment of $5, postpaid customers and selected prepaid customers can extend their data allowance unlimitedly for 24 hours. “This add-on gives customers the freedom to indulge when they want and the way they want to,” said Matt Williams, Optus managing director of marketing and revenue. “This may involve bingeing Netflix on high definition for 24 hours, which would normally go through 72GB of data.”

But 72GB is a conservative estimate of what average users are expected to use. The plan runs at Optus’s full network speeds. With the network’s average data speed of 50Mbps, the add-on theoretically gives you at least 500GB data allowance within the 24-hour window. The allowance can also be shared between multiple devices via a hotspot.

But while the network could allow heavy data consumption of up to 500GB, they’ve adopted terms and conditions to guard against “unreasonable” or “unacceptable” usage.

How to Get Unlimited Data Day on Optus

The deal is currently open to all postpaid customers on Optus Choice, Optus One, Optus Family, or Optus Kid plans, and to prepaid customers on a Prepaid Epic Data plan with a $30 recharge or more. If you’re eligible, you’ll find this deal under the add-on category of data deals on your Yes Optus app. After paying for the offer, the plan will be activated within 15 minutes and the 24-hour countdown started. After 24 hours, you’ll revert-to your limited plan. But you can opt for another Unlimited Data Day for another $5. You need to wait for one 24 hour window to close before recharging, though, because a new add-on’s window will automatically replace an existing one.

How Optus Unlimited Data Compares to Those of Other Major Telcos

optus compared to vodafone and telstra

Optus’s comes much closer to offering a truly unlimited plan compared to the other big telcos, though its plan is only valid for 24 hours. src

Optus’s unlimited data plan comes off the heels of those of the other big telcos. Telstra and Vodafone both introduced varying versions of unlimited data plans in 2018. Technically, both companies’ unlimited data plans aren’t actually unlimited because they cap data speeds once consumption exceeds a set limit.

However, Optus unlimited data comes much closer to offering a truly unlimited data allowance. With Optus’ unlimited data day, you’ll enjoy full network speeds throughout the 24 hours.  You’ll get a whole lot more data at a lesser rate with Optus’ unlimited plan compared to those of the other telcos.

For instance, Telstra’s unlimited data limits your data speeds to just 1.5Mbps after you exceed 30GB, whereas you can download and stream data all day on Optus’ unlimited data with an average speed of 50Mbps all day. The only drawback is that you only have 24 hours to use your data.

When it comes to customer support for unlimited data plans, Optus is as supportive as any Aussie telco can get. The same goes for its data inclusions, with the company offering plans with highly competitive data-to-dollar ratios.

Optus unlimited data day customers also enjoy exclusive access to live sporting events like the Premier League, K League, etc. all without an extra cost through Optus sports. Postpaid plans that qualify for the unlimited data day plan also come with a free 12 months subscription for Apple Music, as well as unlimited standard international talk and text, and 2GB of international roaming. Optus Epic Data prepaid plans, the only prepaid plan on the network that qualifies you for the unlimited data day comes with an extra 10GB inclusion for streaming Netflix, Stan, and ABC Kids. The first three recharges of the  plan also come with extra data bonuses; a $30 recharge attracts a 10GB bonus, a $40 recharge a 20GB bonus, and a $50 recharge a 30 GB bonus.

However, unlike the other big telcos, Optus doesn’t support data sharing for its unlimited data plan. But you can still share your unlimited data day plan with nearby devices in your home and workplace using hotspots.

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