Telstra’s Entertainment Packages

Foxtel now plans from Telstra

Telstra’s Foxtel plans bring together the best of both the internet and entertainment world

It can be highly convenient to bundle both internet and entertainment together in a single plan. Telstra, Australia’s largest and oldest telco, has struck a deal with Foxtel, the leading brand in the entertainment industry, to offer all-inclusive plans that cater to data and entertainment needs.

With the newly introduced Foxtel Now plans from Telstra, customers now have access to several ways to bundle Foxtel entertainment features and Telstra broadband together in one plan.

The new entertainment bundles are part of the telco’s plans to streamline its services to enhance its competitive edge. The Foxtel from Telstra plans allow you to stream Foxtel’s premium contents through cables, satellites, as well as the web, from the best of sports and drama to exclusive TV shows and more.

Telstra has also gone into partnership with Foxtel as the official carrier for its new standalone sports streaming service, Kayo. Telstra customers will now be able to pay for Kayo’s $25 monthly subscription along with their data plans. The Kayo subscription will give users access to all sports shown on Kayo’s streaming service, as well as special features for a more immersive viewing time, including split screen view, key moments, and more.

Key features of Telstra’s Foxtel plan

Entertainment channels bundle

Telstra entertainment plans give you access to nearly every content you can find on TV. Source

Thanks to the major stake Telstra holds in Foxtel, the tech giant has been able to strike a partnership with the entertainment powerhouse. Foxtel is currently a go-to source of entertainment, with an unparalleled range of exclusive broadcast rights to local and international entertainment programs. From live local and international sports to the latest blockbusters and hit TV shows, Foxtel has you covered.

While there are no discounts offered for signing up for Foxtel or Kayo through Telstra, there are several ways you can benefit from having all of them paid for in a single monthly bill. You’ll also be able to access premium Foxtel entertainment at a lower starting price if you’re opting to view Foxtel from Telstra via cable or satellite.

Foxtel From Telstra plans

All the different Foxtel from Telstra plans give access to a unique collection of contents. If you’ve never had Foxtel installed before, you’ll need to shell out a $100 flat fee for installation.

The following is a breakdown of the various Foxtel from Telstra plans:

  • Entertainment: This is the entry level plan that gives you access to 48 entertainment channels. However, premium content like live sports and new hit movies are reserved for plans above this level, and you’re allowed to upgrade to a higher plan once per month.
  • Entertainment + Drama: This plan costs only a tad more than the basic entertainment plan. It comes with the 48 channels in the entertainment plan, plus five drama channels.
  • Entertainment + Movies: This plan costs about as much as you’d spend on a trip to the cinemas, but allows you to watch a whole month of new movies from the comfort of your home.
  • Entertainment + Sport: Foxtel have acquired extensive broadcast rights in the sports arena. This Foxtel from Telstra plan comes with 14 channels that provide exclusive access to NRL, AFL, Super Rugby, A-League seasons, and several exclusive contents. In addition, the plan also gives access to an impressive array of international sport events, including Formula One and Telstra customers also have the option of subscribing to Kayo at an additional cost of $25 – $35, depending on the plan.
  • Entertainment + Sport + Movies: This plan comes with a total of 24 channels that show movies – from classic to the latest blockbusters – as well as live local and international sport events.
  • Foxtel From Telstra Platinum HD package: This is the mother of all plans. At a decent price, it offers the 48 channels in the entertainment plan, in addition to 14 sports channels, 5 drama channels, and 7 documentary channels.

Final words – the best value for your money?

When compared to other similar plans in the market, Telstra’s Entertainment Bundles seem a bit pricey. However, besides Foxtel, there’s hardly any other entertainment service that offers a vast collection of top-drawer entertainment content, all in one place. When you pay for Telstra’s Entertainment Bundles, you’re paying to access a wide variety of premium content available exclusively on Foxtel. If you’re into entertainment, then there’s definitely value; if not, then a regular Telstra plan might be the best value for your money as far as Telstra is concerned.

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