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Telstra to boost economy through SMB digital guidance

Telstra recently announced their $8.5 million investment targeted at helping small businesses create and improve their advertising and digital presence. The investment is expected to have some welcome effects on the economy as well.

Small businesses who show interest will get Telstra Business Go Digital Consults for free throughout this year, and also get a chance to take over Telstra ad space during AFL and NRL games for a 3-day stretch in May of this year.

The initiative is expected to help small businesses gain exposure through means that are typically out of their reach. It is expected to have significant impact on the Australian economy after COVID-19 caused some damage.

More about Telstra Business Go Digital

With COVID-19 prevention measures keeping Australians at home, last year became a huge year for online shopping. This became even more so during the festive season.

For instance, according to Australia Post, over 5.6 million households shopped online in December, a record-shattering amount. As expected, the numbers declined a bit in January, but they were still extremely high – a 44 percent increase year-on-year.

Telstra believes small business can tap into this online boom with their help, and they have launched Go Digital, a new service that aims to help small businesses do just that. In fact, Telstra’s recent Business Intelligence report indicates that 70 percent of small businesses agree that digital technology helped them stay connected to customers in 2020.

Telstra Business Go Digital provides small businesses with Consults that guide them through the digital space. This includes everything from online marketing to cyber security, e-commerce, and even employee engagement. It also includes SMB support from many of Telstra’s partners, including Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook and more. The goal is to help educate businesses on how to improve their online and digital presence to take advantage of the opportunities available.

Telstra will offer the service free of charge throughout 20201, to all of their small business customers (SMB) that register interest. At a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of $149, this adds up to a $7.5 million value.

And as for the economy, Telstra  Consumer and Small Business Group Executive Michael Ackland believes, “More businesses going digital could help grow Australia’s economy by $90b and create up to 250,000 jobs in the next five years.”

Telstra will also give up high-value ad space to small businesses

It doesn’t end there – some small businesses will also get a chance to win Telstra’s sport advertising space. This is a huge deal – it means taking over Telstra’s AFL and NRL sponsorship at each stadium from 3 May to 6 May, Telstra Small Business Week.

To win, and eligible business will have to register interest in Telstra Business Go Digital and sign up for the competition before 13 March. Winners will get one of the 17 sport stadiums, benefiting from everything from ad signs to mentions by sport commentators.

Other Go Digital perks for small businesses, and other Telstra initiatives

In addition, 67 small businesses will also get Telstra ad space on their digital platforms. This ranges from Telstra retail stores to the My Telstra App and the Telstra website. This is an estimated $1 million value.

Telstra has also partnered with MYOB to help small businesses improve their digital presences as well. MYOB is an online accounting software that helps businesses manage their business on-the-go, from their mobile phones. It helps automate your business administration, including features like single-touch payroll, ATO (Australian Tax Office) reporting, and human support teams available 7 days a week.

According to Telstra, SMB customers will get “a free three-month MYOB Essentials subscription”, as well as the benefit of combining their MYOB subscription to their Telstra bill. Note, however, that the offer is only available to Telstra customers with a $65 medium or above SIM plan.

Final words

As you’d expect, nothing good lasts forever. These Telstra freebies are only free for a limited time, after which SMBs would have to purchase them from Telstra to remain supportive. However, it is still commendable that Telstra plans to give up so much digital support for free, regardless of the fact that it is only temporary.

To take advantage of Telstra Business Go Digital Consults, eligible customers have to book a free Telstra Business Go Digital Consult here, and explain why they should be selected.


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