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Apple’s iPhone remains an Australian favorite

The iPhone 14 is scheduled to launch in a couple of months. It is just another reminder of how, over the years, the mobile phone market has gone through a significant evolution to give us easy access to the Internet and more. But no other single mobile device has garnered as much global consumer loyalty as Apple’s iPhone devices.

Four years ago, Apple sold a total of 2.2 billion iPhones worldwide. The technology giant stopped reporting its iPhone sales figures that year, but we can assume they have since ballooned even more.

Millions of Australians use iPhone for social, business, and personal purposes due to the efficiency and smartness of Apple’s product. iPhone sales took up 45.7 percent of the Australian mobile phone market in the first half of last year. And according to Statista, iOS (the iPhone’s operating system) held a 55.86 share of Australia’s mobile operating systems market last June.

mobile operating system market in Australia

iOS continues to dominate the mobile operating system market in Australia. src

Given these figures, it is no wonder why Australians get excited about each upcoming iPhone release. And now, Apple will launch the iPhone 14 lineup later this year.

Earlier this year, we wrote an article about what to expect from the upcoming iPhone 14, and we’ll continue where we left off in this post. While most of what we know about the iPhone 14 are rumours, we’ll give you the most credible information we’ve found so you’ll know what to expect from the next iPhone launch.

What we know about the iPhone 14 lineup

As we anticipate the launch of the iPhone 14 lineup, we’ve put together a list of what to expect. While we only source credible information, remember that what we know so far are mere rumours.

Here’s what we know about the device so far:

  • Anticipated Launching Date

Australians will be able to get their hands on the iPhone 14 lineup in September.

  • iPhone 14 lineup will add a new model

The iPhone 14 lineup will dump the iPhone Mini and add a new model – the iPhone 14 Max. (link to We expect the other models to remain, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, making it a 4-phone lineup. The new iPhone 14 Max model will give users a more affordable big-screen version when compared to the Pro Max.

According to leaks, the iPhone models (14 and iPhone 14 Max) will be available in black, white, red, purple, and blue, whereas the iPhone models (14 Pro and 14 Pro Max) will be available in purple, graphite, silver, and gold.

  • Pricing

While there hasn’t been much news about how much the iPhone 14 will cost, we’ve become accustomed to Apple’s heavy price tags, so don’t expect anything cheap in the upcoming lineup.

Rumours point to a price hike of around AU$140 on each model. We can assume that an iPhone 14 model (the cheapest in the lineup) will cost at least AU$1200, which is a similar price point as last year’s iPhone 13.

  • Designs and specs of iPhone 14

Apple is likely to make some performance improvements in the iPhone 14 lineup. The initial A15 chip released with the iPad Mini and iPhone 13 lineup is rumoured to remain in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, while an advanced A16 chip with LPDDR 5 RAM will debut in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models.

While the iPhone 13 lineup featured 4GB RAM, all four iPhone 14 variants are rumoured to launch with at least 6GB of RAM.

In a previous article, we reported a rumour that Apple would ditch the notch design in its iPhone 14 lineup. But besides the notch display adjustments, other sources claim that the ProMotion technology from the iPhone 13 Pro display will be introduced to the iPhone 14 and 14 Max models. This claim implies that Apple’s devices will feature 90Hz or higher with the 6.1 and 6.9-inch screen sizes.

Further, Apple will likely deliver an always-on display to the iPhone 14 lineup for the first time. This rumour has been specifically linked to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models. We are convinced that this rumour could be very credible because the iOS 16 also supports an always-on screen, which Apple had initially planned for the iPhone 13. The always-on feature could enable the iPhone to display visually-rich information instantly while reducing the screen resolution on the home screen, similar to Apple smartwatches.

Final words

While this article covers some of the many rumours about the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup, there’s a good chance that they are accurate. Apple has been tight-lipped about everything relating to the iPhone 14 lineup, including its launch date.

However, there are several credible rumours that paint the likely picture of what to expect from the iPhone 14 later this year. Expect that launch to happen in September, similar to other iPhone launches. And if you’d like more rumours about the iPhone 14, be sure to read our article which covers the upcoming Apple product in even more detail.

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