Optus’ New ‘Unlimited Data Day’ Add-on – Unlimited Data for 24 Hours

Unlimited Data for 24 Hours

Day-long unlimited data from Optus for $5

Optus customers can now get unlimited data. The telco launched a $5 add-on which allows users download and browse as much as they want for 24 hours.

While other telcos have taken a swipe at unlimited data, their offers never really include truly unlimited data. For instance, Telstra and Vodafone both offer “unlimited” data in the sense that customers’ speeds are throttled to 1.5Mbps after plan data is exhausted.

But Optus’ offer has no cap on data or speeds for as long as the 24 hours add-on lasts. The telco will allow you renew with another add-on when your current add-on expires.

Optus Unlimited Data Day add-on

Optus Unlimited Data Day add-on offers 24 hours of unlimited data to postpaid and prepaid customers. src

Is Optus’ unlimited data add-on worth it?

The benefits and drawbacks of Optus’ new ‘Unlimited Data Day’ add-on are quite obvious.

  • Benefit: You’ll get unlimited data to do whatever you want, but
  • Drawback: It only lasts for a short, 24-hour time span.

Compared to other data add-on solutions, this might be a good or bad offer, depending on your needs. The typical data add-on includes 1GB of data for $10. That data can be used until your plan expires, or 28 to 30 days, typically.

However, what can you possible do with 1GB of data? Realistically, how long will 1GB of data last? There’s a great chance it won’t last you a month – or even a day. In that case, a full day of unlimited data for half the price of a 1GB add-on will be a much better offer. But then again, this depends on the user.

If you are a heavy data user, or perhaps an occasionally heavy data user, then Optus’ 24 hours unlimited data offer will allow you binge browse, binge stream, and binge download as much as you want without clocking your speeds or capping your data.

Who is eligible for Optus’ new 24-hour unlimited data add-on?

Customers on select Optus postpaid and prepaid plans can sign up for Unlimited Data Day on the My Optus app.

Eligible postpaid plans include:

  • Optus Choice
  • Optus One
  • Optus Family
  • Optus Kids plans

Eligible prepaid plans include:

  • Prepaid Epic Data plans – you will need to maintain at least $30 recharge on your plan.

Also note that while Optus does not limit how many unlimited data add-ons you purchase, you can only activate one add-on at a time. Once you purchase an add-on, wait until it expires before you add another. If you activate an add-on before your current add-on expires, you will forfeit the first add-on. Also, you cannot share your unlimited data.

Unlimited Data Day is available through the My Optus app

You can purchase the Unlimited Data Day add-on through the My Optus app or by logging into your Optus account on their website.

  • Postpaid customers open the My Optus app and click on Unlimited Data Day to purchase. Your unlimited data will be activated within 15 minutes.
  • Prepaid customers open the My Optus app, go to the section for recharge add-ons, then select Unlimited Data Day. Your unlimited data will be activated within 15 minutes.

Final words

Although 24 hours is quite a short amount of time to have data available, the unlimited nature of Optus’ new add-on is very attractive. We can think of several instances where such an add-on will come in handy.

Assuming you have a Netflix series you would like to binge watch on your day off. Having the option of unlimited data on that particular day is a great offer, especially when it’ll only cost your $5. As Optus spokesman Matt Williams states, binge watching “Netflix on high definition for 24 hours… would normally go through 72GB of data.” Compare that to the Medium Optus Choice plan which includes 60GB of data for $49.

Also, remember you can tether your mobile data to to your computer, smart TV, smart TV box, and so on. Such devices chew up more data than your smartphone, and you might perform more data-hungry tasks with them. Having the option of tethering your smartphone’s unlimited data, even if only for a day, is a solid option for $5.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.