Why International e-SIMs are disrupting the Telco industry

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Here are our findings on the recent news of NUU Mobile announcing the release of their bargain-priced smartphone, with built-in e-SIM functionality. Read on in the following article as we discuss the impact of this on Australia business travellers.

  • NUU Mobile are a smartphone manufacturer, who also have in partnership with various network carriers, have launched a global wireless network.
  • International Australian business travellers will be able to use their NUU Mobile smartphone to access any network provider of their choice, simply by using built in e-SIM technology.
  • Apple, Samsung and Google are all working on similar e-SIM functionality, to be released in their next generation devices.

Who is NUU Mobile?

NUU Mobile are a new mobile smartphone brand which is currently leading the development of unlocked smartphone devices in the United States.

The company has recently announced that they have launched a global wireless network solution that will enable corporate and business travellers to connect to a wireless network.

NUU Mobile are being referred to as a new wireless service with an irresistibly low price on their handsets.

The company has partnered with numerous different data service providers this year to offer their subscribers a globally connected wireless solution.

International travellers will be able to connect to the network and use roaming services anywhere in the world, no matter which country they are in at the time.

A small and simple device will enable business travellers to connect to 4G LTE data, as well as make voice calling at an effective, low-cost price.

NUU Mobile e-SIM smartphones

NUU Mobile as a small mobile phone manufacture is joining the others in the mobile phone industry, by utilising e-SIMs in their smartphone devices.

E-SIMs, as promoted by GSMA, are set to become the new standard in the future when released in the next generations of smartphone and tablet devices.

The GSMA (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) is the global association which represents the national network operators around the world.

The e-SIM will be embedded into devices from the future line-up of NUU mobile phones, as the company attempts to take on the larger electronics manufacturers.

NUU Mobile and global connectivity

NUU has become the first truly global service, currently providing subscribers with connectivity in more than 100 countries around the world.

With NUU Konnect i1 technology, business owners will be able to enjoy the flexibility that comes with not having to switch out SIM cards, each time they travel to a new country and destination.

But that’s not all. NUU Mobile is currently working on the implementation of e-SIM technologies into their upcoming range of next generation smartphones.

Both the NUU Mobile X and Z series will feature this functionality, providing users with a seamless user experience, allowing them to connect to any supported network carrier of their choosing.

E-SIM functionality in the future

Apple and Samsung are also working on this technology, as seen in their latest devices releases of both the recent Apple iPad and the Gear S2 smart watch.

The new NUU Mobile e-SIM is shipped pre-installed so that users can take advantage of its increased functionality as soon as they power it on.

Giving users flexibility is the whole point of manufacturers including e-SIM tech in their next generation smartphones and handheld devices.

Built in virtual e-SIM allows business travellers to choose from a broad range of SIM only prepaid plans, based on their at the time usage requirements and which country they are currently in.

If one network provider has faster network connectivity then another, with the simple tap of a finger the national carrier can be changed.

By using the virtual e-SIM feature on your device, gone are the days of having to call up the carrier and having to ask to port your number over to them from the previous one.

The built-in e-SIM gives users the flexibility to choose from a variety of prepaid plans from participating service providers. So whenever and wherever users need the fastest connectivity, they can select the plan that works best for them, with no long term commitments.

In Summary

The announcement from NUU Mobile shows us a few interesting facts about the direction smartphone and device manufacturers are heading in the coming years.

Firstly the news lets us all know that the smaller handset manufacturers are attempting to take on larger manufacturers, with e-SIM inclusion in their hardware.

While e-SIMs will be included in all the new next generation handsets from the larger companies such as Apple, Google and Samsung, there is no reason not to think that the smaller manufacturers won’t also begin doing this.

Second, international agreements are just one type of improvement that e-SIMs will offer.

e-SIM device functionality enables what is known as “over the air” provisioning once a network is virtually selected to connect to.

The national carriers in Australia have always been slow and resistant to change, but with the support of GSMA in designing the standardisation of e-SIM technologies, they have had no choice but to get reluctantly onboard.

There will come a day in the not so distant future when you will be able to use Lebara for international calling and Telstra for calls in the bush, all from the same handset and without swapping out SIM cards.


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