Telstra New Service for New Businesses

Telstra's new service for businesses

The hype around the “revamp”

In what could be a major revamp to the telecommunications sector, Telstra is targeting the small business market, launching several items for the segment. A handful of new products have been launched by the telco giant, showing its commitment to the small business sector.

These series of launches will bring the company closer to its T22 strategy. According to Telstra announcements, the T22 small business strategy will provide no lock-in contracts, 24/7 IT support, more small business specialists, unlimited data broadband plans, and Telstra Business Technology Centres.

New technology comes with new questions. With Telstra’s small business focus now a reality, newly released gadgets will obviously present a learning curve for small businesses. With this in mind, Telstra’s IT support is a necessity. According to Telstra CEO, Andy Penn, dedicated service and support is essential to eliminating complexity and granting peace of mind while using the company’s technology.

With dedicated 24/7 IT (Information Technology) support being guaranteed by the company, small businesses can purchase the necessary tools needed to help scale their companies and ease accessibility, and do so with confidence.

The following breakdown of Telstra’s new services for new businesses should help in that regard.

In-line with their T2022 strategy, Telstra’s T22 strategy is leaving no stone unturned and providing innovative solutions and services to small business owners.

The New Business Solution from Telstra

The NEW business solutions

The new business solutions have been designed with the versatility of every business in mind. The idea is to provide innovative business solutions that fit individual businesses. According to Andy Penn, this approach is structured with three goals in mind:

  • Flexibility: Give businesses ample choice and the ability.
  • Certainty: Provide business with options with clear cost certainty and value.
  • Expert Advice: Dedicated support and advice throughout.

With IT support, the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) channel, mobile plans, security, and more, these goals, being the pillars of Telstra’s business solutions, should enable small businesses explore the vast range of available services with confidence.

Telstra platinum – This 24/7 IT support and advice service will provide businesses with an on-call IT team to assist in deploying and using the latest technology. The plan will help small business owners cut down the number of employees required for IT installation. Additionally, the service will provide support for a bouquet of services including payment, apps, hardware, software and cloud services. It is an online and phone service available on a monthly subscription.

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Premium ICT channel – Telstra plans to launch a new ICT channel in 2019. The ICT channel will be functional in 28 regions nationally from it’s existing group of partners. The expert team will provide account and personal management to local business owners, thereby assisting them in using Telstra technology to perform several business-related tasks. Such tasks include operating virtual teams outside the business’ location, selling online, maintaining operations, and safeguard their data.

In a move to attract local businesses, the company has already tripled the number of sales specialists in its 350 retail stores. These specialists will be stationed in the contact center and will provide online support through chat.

Mobile plan – Telstra also plans to provide new tablet and mobile plans that eliminate lock-in contracts for small businesses. The plans will also eliminate charges for excess data usage within the country. Plans can be as low as $69, and $100 per month for unlimited data broadband plans.

For standard small business bundles, customers will have to pay a minimum cost of $2499, which includes self-installation and $99 activation fees.

The New Mobile Plans for a Small Business

Concierge Tech Support – Telstra’s Broadband customers will also enjoy dedicated technical support. The service will provide an expert to address and resolve problems quickly, whenever customers face issues related to broadband services. The Concierge tech support service is the result of Telstra’s ability to feedback from customers, and several trials were carried out before launching the services.

Security services – Small business services will of course include Telstra’s security serviec. For $40 to $60 per month, small business owners can secure their businesses and customer data. The service will include three security assessments, updates on latest threats, health check reports, and more.

In a nutshell

Overall, Telstra is trying to become a telecommunication company offering smart business solutions to small business owners. In fact, on the 26th of December, 2018, the company will begin to offer a range of business features, including Microsoft Surface Go. The new solutions, resulting from the T22 strategy, are not only about providing advanced solutions, but also essential support. These plans are set to eliminate complexity and give customers peace of mind when dealing with Telstra’s products.

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