How to get Disney Plus on Telstra TV

Disney Plus

Streaming on Telstra TV

Telstra TV allows you stream movies, TV shows, sport, music, and other entertainment content on your favorite apps. And if you want to stream on the go, the Telstra TV app allows you get all the entertainment content you want on your mobile device as well.

Like most OTT (Over-the-Top) devices, Telstra TV boxes allow you get all your content in one place. But the unique part is that Telstra TV can be added to your Telstra bill along with apps like Netflix, combining it with all your other Telstra services to make managing your finances a lot easier. 

And if you want more, then you’ll like the rewards – starting with 20,000 Telstra Plus points just for choosing to pay off your Telstra TV device in monthly installments.

While we believe Telstra TV is a good OTT device to have, it does have some limitations. Perhaps the most daunting limitation is the lack of Disney Plus. We’ll discuss that drawback, then move on to the alternative apps that Telstra TV offers, as well as the many other advantages of the device.

Drawback of Telstra TV – No Disney Plus 

The key drawback we found was that Telstra TV doesn’t seem to be compatible with Disney Plus. This is probably a drawback for many others as well, given the popularity of Disney content – from recent hits like The Mandalorian to classics like Beauty and the Beast, and beyond.

In fact, a quick look at Telstra’s crowd support pages showed us just how displeased customers were with the fact that Disney Plus isn’t available on the device. One customer wrote, “Well I went to the Kotara store today and bought a Telstra TV device where two sales assistants told me I can get Disney plus when we get home. And we can’t.”

This is unfortunate, but it isn’t uncommon. Disney Plus is quite new, so it isn’t surprising to find set top boxes that aren’t compatible with it yet. We expect that at some point in the future, Disney Plus will be available on Telstra TV, after some negotiations of course.

Perhaps the most significant flaw is that Telstra TV lacks a web browser. If a web browser was available, then users could simply navigate to the Disney Plus website and stream their favourite content that way. 

So here’s what you can do to get Disney Plus on Telstra TV sooner rather than later – contact Disney Plus and let them know! 

Head over to the Disney Plus support page, click on Give Feedback, click Suggest new feature, select Device support, then use the suggestion box to let Disney know you want the Disney Plus app to be added on Telstra TV.

While Disney Plus isn’t available on Telstra TV, customers do have a lot of alternatives. Many of them have some Disney content, so you won’t be completely left in the dark. 

Apps/Use of Telstra TV

One of the most impressive things about Telstra TV is that users get access to five free-to-air Catch-up TV apps, which makes Telstra TV quite unique when compared to other OTT devices: 

  • 10 Play
  • 7 Plus
  • SBS On Demand
  • 9 Now, and
  • ABC iView.

Of course, users also get access to popular streaming apps for movies, sport, and more. Here’s a look at some of them:

  • Netflix
  • Foxtel Now
  • Tubi
  • Stan
  • Kayo
  • Spotify
  • YouTube, and many more.

You’ll find that many of these streaming apps can serve as alternatives to Disney Plus, thanks to their huge library of movies and shows from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and more.

Advantage of using Telstra TV

If you’re looking for a way to have most of your bills in one place, then Telstra TV is a great option. From your Telstra SIM Only plan to your Netflix account and more, you can have all your telco and entertainment subscription on one bill.

And with the ability to add your Telstra TV to your bill, you can also take advantage of bundle offers from Telstra. For instance, Telstra Home Bundle subscribers enjoy bonus subscriptions to streaming providers Presto, Stan and Netflix.

We also mentioned the five free-to-air channels that users get access to on the Telstra TV box. This isn’t the norm for most streaming devices.

And users also get rewarded with Telstra Plus points by using Telstra TV. You can get 20,000 points just for opting into the monthly payment plan for your Telstra TV device.

Final words

Telstra, like the rest of us, know that there are a myriad options to consider for entertainment services in Australia these days. FTA (Free-to-Air) TV, streamed video services like Netflix and Stan, and a few US-based apps and websites which do the same thing.

But what Telstra identified and managed to do sucessfully with Telstra TV is provide a single place for you and the family to go to organise all of it. You’ll also get some Telstra Plus (link to, points (that’s their reward program) plus, if you buy as I write this, a bonus introductory 20,000 Plus points which isn’t nothing. 

If you’re buying the streaming services anyway, it makes sense to integrate them in to the Telstra TV interface. Then even Grandma knows where to go to find Downton Abbey. As to whether or not the unique content offered by Telstra adds sufficient unique value to warrant the cost – that’s a decision we will leave up to you.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.