What is Telstra Plus?

What is Telstra Plus?

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Who is Telstra?

Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications company. They currently provide 18 million Australians with retail mobile services, 4.9 million Australians with retail fixed voice services, and 3.6 million Australians with retail fixed broadband services.

Telstra offers a vast range of telecommunication services including wireless network services and broadband. It also offers technological services such as dongles and routers.

Telstra is also the provider of network infrastructure to Australian MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) such as Belong Mobile and Woolworths Mobile.

Telstra leads in both post-paid and pre-paid markets.

Telstra dominates the Australian mobile market. Source.

Introducing Telstra Plus

Launched April 2nd 2019, Telstra Plus is a new reward system geared towards appreciating Telstra’s loyal customer base. Telstra Plus is set to replace the network’s already-existing reward program – the Thanks Reward Scheme.

Under the Thanks scheme, Telstra customers were able to get discounts on movie and concert tickets without their expenditures being reviewed. The Telstra Plus program is set to take a different dynamic in rewarding its consumers.

From the 14th of May 2019, members can earn 10 points per every $1 used in purchasing a Telstra product/service. Telstra Plus points can be earned based on the following transactions:

  • Monthly bill for Telstra is paid – after discounts and rewards are applied.
  • A recharged Telstra prepaid service.
  • Purchasing hardware or a mobile handset from Telstra through monthly instalment payments.
  • Accepting a special offer which contains Telstra Plus points as an additional benefit.

With the system, the more you spend, the more points you garner and the heftier benefits you have access to. Details on when customers can begin to redeem their rewards – and what exactly these rewards are –  are yet to be provided by Telstra.

Existing customers are automatically eligible to join Telstra Plus. Customers who sign up before June 30th will be awarded an extra 1,000 points, courtesy of Telstra.

Membership on Telstra Plus

Existing customers on Telstra are eligible to become members of Telstra Plus. To join Telstra Plus, you’d have to meet the following criteria:

  • Be over 18.
  • Have an active Telstra personal/consumer service. Business accounts are currently ineligible to join Telstra Plus.
  • Have a Telstra ID.

Membership on Telstra Plus is divided into three categories. Details on the wide scope of benefits available to each tier are scant. However, the three available categories are:

  • All Members;
  • Silver Members; and
  • Gold Members.

Upon registration, a membership tier will be assigned to the customer based on their average expenditure within the last 12 months. You can move up or down membership tiers on Telstra Plus. Once a higher membership tier is unlocked, the you’ll remain on that tier for the rest of the membership year and the next.

Benefits are based on what membership tier you’re on.

Membership tier and rewards. Source.

All members: To qualify for the All Members category, you’ll have to meet the following criteria:

  • An average monthly expenditure of $0-$124.99
  • An average yearly expenditure of $0-$1,499.99

Details on the full range of benefits available to the All Members tier are yet to be announced. However, it is currently known that this tier is eligible for discounts on tickets.

Silver members: To qualify for the Silver Members category, you’ll have to meet the following criteria:

  • An average monthly expenditure of $125-249.99
  • An average yearly expenditure of $1,500-2,999.99

The full scope of benefits available to Silver Member tier is yet to be outlined. However, Silver members have access to all ‘All Member’ category benefits alongside extra packages and one Telstra Platinum support call.

Gold members: To qualify for the Gold Members category, you’ll have to meet the following criteria:

  • An average monthly expenditure of $250+
  • An average yearly expenditure of $3000+

The entire range of benefits available to the Gold Member tier is yet to be announced. This tier has access to all benefits of the All Members and Silver Members category. Alongside these benefits, this tier has access to VIP services, priority call handling, and all-day tech support.

Final words

Telstra, Australia’s largest telco, has just launched Telstra Plus –  a reward system designed to assign points per purchase to existing customers on the Telstra network. With these points, customers are able to access a wide range of benefits – per their membership tiers – made accessible by the network.



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