Saving Money by Sharing Data with ALDImobile

ALDImobile family pack

ALDImobile is shaking up the world of mobile internet with a new plan that not only includes a large amount of data, but allows it to be shared across a number of SIM cards. The concept is one of the latest innovations in the world of mobile plan sales, where companies are forced to innovate in order to make their plans stand out.

Data – the last frontier

Mobile phone companies are getting creative in a bid to attract customers. Over the years, plan inclusions like calls and text have been getting more affordable, to the point where unlimited calls and text are fairly standard inclusions. The allocation of international minutes was another point of difference, but as this plan feature only attracts people who make frequent calls overseas it has limited appeal.

Mobile data is the last area of almost universal appeal that is open for adjustment in order to attract customers the company might otherwise miss out on. Australia has recently seen its first plans that include “unlimited” mobile data, although with speeds throttled once the full-speed allowance has been used up the unlimited use is mostly theoretical. However, many people don’t want unlimited data – they just want enough data, at an affordable price. ALDImobile has found another way to make this possible.

Data Strategy

Before they breach the last frontier of truly unlimited data, telcos are beginning to look at the way customers use data to find areas that are open for improvement and innovation. These telcos use customer habits to find other ways to stand out from the competition, and to appeal to people who might not be willing to significantly increase their monthly spending to access extra data.

Although the brand has been discontinued, Virgin had some innovative ideas about data that were heavily emphasised in marketing. One of the most appealing concepts was the idea that the data a customer pays for should belong to them – meaning data would rollover from month to month, and any unused data would be stored. While Virgin Mobile is no longer an option for customers, other companies are coming up with creative solutions to customer data needs.

ALDImobile’s Strategy

ALDImobile have announced a new $80 plan that includes 40GB of data. Called the Family Pack Plan,  it also comes with up to four SIM cards that can be used in individual devices. The 40GB of data can then be shared around the four SIM cards, allocated by the main user.

The data can be shared in any way that works for the group of users, and any unused data goes into a data vault to be rolled over for use in the next month. The plan also includes unlimited call and text, and even unlimited international minutes to 15 countries for each user. ALDImobile uses the Telstra network, which reaches the most customers across Australia.

While the plan is obviously marketed at families, groups of friends could benefit as well. The plan breaks down to $20 for 10GB of data between four users, although if some people within the group don’t use their full allocation it might mean the other users have access to even more. In contrast, another plan offered by ALDImobile charges $25 for only 9GB of data.

This plan has extra appeal because there is no lock-in contract – If the system isn’t working out, users can exit the plan after paying for that billing cycle. The plan also has added benefit in allowing the main user to actually allocate the data, which can give them greater control of how data is being used – an asset in a family with teenagers, for example.

Other Options

Other companies do offer other options, but they’re not as clean as ALDImobile’s latest idea. For example, Vodafone gives a discount for bundling different plans together. That could be good for families who would like to retain individual plans, but it makes calculating the discount a bit tricky. Telstra offers a “Companion Plan” that allows an extra SIM with 30 GB of data, and avoids excess data charges by throttling the speed once the data limit has been reached. Optus and other MVNOs have other options for customers.

Choosing your Plan

This deal applies to ALDImobile Family Pack purchased in store from 30/1/19 until 28/2/19. While deals like ALDImobile’s latest are likely to offer great value, it’s still important to spend time to compare and work out what is right for your family – especially where lock-in contracts are concerned. While Aldo customers will have the opportunity to opt-out if the plan isn’t working for them, not every telco is this flexible.

For families and groups of people who are able to work together to access savings, ALDImobile’s most recent family pack could offer great savings. For other telcos, this pack is another challenge to step up their plan inclusions and innovate even further in order to keep customers.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.