Yomojo Mobile Plan Review
And Comparison

  • Best operator for data in Autralia
  • Configurable plans - don't buy what you won't use
  • Use the Optus 3G and 4G network
  • Also consider OVO and Optus Prepaid for Optus 4G

Yomojo Mobile's best plans

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Common questions about Yomojo

Firstly who or what is Yomojo Mobile?

Yomojo Mobile is an Australian MVNO SIM Only provider (that’s a small phone company which resells anothers network). Yomojo resells access to the Optus 4G network.


How does Yomojo relate to Yatango ?

Yomojo took over from Yatango when Yatango went out of business in 2015.  Unfortunately, Yatango tried to float on the stock market to raise funds and their venture didn’t work.

When their plan failed, the company was unable to meet minimum capital raising requirements, the company folded. Yomojo took over the existing Yatango customer base and have done a good job of keeping them happy.

Yomojo now offer their own suite of plans to new customers.

Does anyone else offer totally configurable plans ?

Yes. Vodafone MyMix is an equivalent pricing scheme albeit on a separate network.



What alternatives are there to Yomojo Mobile ?

There are a number of alternatives available for you on the Optus 4G network. The best seller is OVO. OVO offer a unique set of plans with additional content thrown in like access to V8 Supercar races. If you dislike the coverage of service you can also try the MVNO Boost which is on the Telstra 4G network.

Lebara and Kogan Mobile offer access to the Vodafone 3G network.

And Boost Mobile offer some of our best selling plans on the Telstra Mobile Network – now with 4G.


What's good

  • Totally unique offering - configurable plans
  • Best for data across entire range
  • Access to the full Optus 4G network
  • FREE Yomojo to Yomojo calls included
  • PAYG, Data Only and Unlimited options too

What's bad

  • An incredibly competitive Optus network market
  • Lesser known brand

Yomojo Review - Should you go with them?

We think that Yomojo’s plan range offers the best data of any company in Australia. We even awarded them the 2017 best for data award because of it!

Yomojo won an award in the 2017 WhatPhone Awards

Best for data – Yomojo

Yomojo Best Mobile Data Awards - WhatPhone Awards 2017

Yomojo’s award came down to simple maths. The company consistently provides more data in their plans for less $ than any other provider in the Australian market. They were selected as Best for data for a number of reasons:

  • For the average user (which is around 2GB per month at the moment,) they offer an unlimited calls and SMS package for $19.90. No other supplier offers that amount of data for that price.
  • Their data offering on all their unlimited packages, in most cases doubles the data given for the same price as their competitors.
  • And for big data lovers, they’ve just launched very generous new mobile broadband offering of 50GB ($69.90 p/m) and 70GB ($85.90 p/m).
  • Additionally, we love the fact that Yomojo’s plans can be bought either prepaid or post-paid. Our preference is prepaid for the hard stop the user can put in place on data overage fees – something that others cannot do.

Finally, with flexible data options from a PAYG facility a broad, but not overwhelming range, a plan configurator that lets users build the perfect mobile plan for them, and a knack of knowing just what their customers want, Yomojo give choice where it’s needed and have something for everyone.


What you need to know about Yomojo Mobile


Intro – 60 second guide to Yomojo Mobile

Yomojo Mobile,  a (relatively) new Optus 3G+4G network reseller have risen like a pheonix from the flames of Yatango, which, unfortunately, went out of business in 2015. Yomojo now manages what was the Yatango customer base. They have tweaked the business model and are carrying on. Let’s take a look at how Yomojo compares to the competition ?

  • We think Yomojo offer the best data pricing of any Australian phone company, when the value in their entire range is considered.
  • Yomojo operates on the Optus 3G and 4G network.
  • We find Yomojo’s plans and data packs to perform consistently well.
  • Yomoj have been around for a while now and their service has matured. They have a cutting edge Self Service app for both Android and iOS smartphones. They have also reduced their delivery timeframe for new SIMs from 3-5 days to Next Day.


What are Yomojo offering users?

Yomojo are offering users SIM only plans with Personalised, PAYG, Unlimited and Data Only options.

The Yomojo basic unlimited texts and calling plan starts at one of the lowest price points per month that we’ve seen, with additional fees added on top depending on your mobile data usage requirements.

Generally, we recommend Yomojo as best in class when it comes to data inclusions across the board.

Additionally, Yomojo offer a plan configurator tool which allows you to concoct whatever combination of phone plans elements appeal to you. All of their SIM only plans are prepaid and allow subscribers to determine the amount in which they prepay per month, based on their personal data usage. It’s a lot like Vodafone’s MyMix plans. Configuring plans in this way is a great method of only paying for what you think you will need and not have you waste money on plan elements that you’ll never use.

Yomojo have been around for a while now and they’ve matured in to a competent if still not widely known brand. Yomojo added aSelf Service app to their Self Service options in 2016. This sort of facility is now a hygeine factor – the absence of a Self Service app reflected badly on Yomojo. But they’ve put their time to good use and produced what their customers needed. The app is now in place and we think it’s great.

Similarly, Yomojo now match the competition, offering next day delivery.


Yomojo Mobile is different – they let you build your own plan

Yomojo Mobile is an Australian company with an entirely new model for providing mobile phone services. They are a 4G enabled SIM only provider on the Optus network and have a notable point of difference. Their unique approach to attracting and retaining customers centres around individuals ( like you ) picking the perfect plan for themselves. Go to their website and you will see that visitors can design their own phone plans. This genius business model helps Yomojo to keep their costs down by getting you to do some of the work. The idea being that in return for doing some of the work, you get low call rates to enjoy.

This unique feature set lets Yomojo Mobile service a part of the market that no-one else can. They’re great for requirements you can’t get met elsewhere. We recommend having a play with Yomojo”s plan creator. Starting at just $10 per month, you can tie together a plan which meets any conceivable combination of elements. I’ve used the service myself when I’ve needed huge data inclusions but only very low SMS or voice services.



Yomojo have Unlimited and PAYG options, too

In addition to their personalised plans, Yomojo offer many of the same plans as others operating in the market, too. You don’t have to have a configurable plan if you don’t want one. Yomojo also have PAYG and unlimited plan options, ‘off the shelf’ as many of the other phone companies do.


Here’s what we mean about Yomojo Mobile in a bit more detail

The key things you need to know when you’re evaluating Yomojo.

  • They’re a low cost SIM Only provider :
    Yomojo are a low cost Australian SIM only provider. Like most SIM only plans, there is no commitment required from you, to take a plan from them. You can leave whatever month you’re in. That gives you total freedom to come and go as you see fit. Additionally, their plans can be bought as either prepaid or postpaid.
  • They’re new and innovative :
    They’re new in the Australian market – which is reflected in how innovatively they approach their plans. Yomojo are the only phone company which let you pick and choose the plan inclusions so you get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. The Australian market for phone services is particularly competitive. Nowhere is this more true than among Optus resellers like Amaysim, Bendigo and OVO. Yomojo’s pricing approach helps them stand out in a competitive field.
  • Their plans are super flexible :
    Yomojo let you can change up or down your plan at any time. If you’re using more voice or data over time, just bump up the plan inclusions for a few dollars more. This is particularly useful when it comes to your data requirements. As we have covered elsewhere, people’s use of data is increasing rapidly. On average, people double their data requirement every 12 months. Yomojo’s unique plan structure makes it easier than ever to move up plans, adding more data when you need it, throughout your relationship with the company.
  • You can design your own plan :
    Use Yomojo website to design a plan specifically to your needs. Add voice or SMS inclusions and make sure you have all the data you need. No one else provides such flexibility in plan configuration. Yomojo are perfect for you if you can’t find what you’re looking for with different phone companies.
  • They use the Optus 4G network :
    They use the lightning fast Optus 4G network. They don’t use part of the Optus 4G network. They don’t use some of it. They use the whole, entire Optus 4G network. Yomojo are an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) also known as a network reseller. These smaller phone companies offten offer better deals than the major phone companies.
  • Their prepaid plans have a 30 day recharge window not a 28 day recharge window :
    It might seem like a small change but many phone companies have changed their prepaid recharge to be 28 days, rather than 30. That means that each year, you’ll be paying for an extra recharge if you choose a provider with a 28 day recharge window. Yomojo’s recharge window is 30 days and there are (we hear) no plans to change that.
  • FREE Yomojo to Yomojo calls:
    If one or more of your friends is also on Yomojo, you’ll get unlimited free calls at any time to them. (In Australia.)
  • Now with Self Service App:
    Self service apps are the number 1 tool to take more control over the costs associated with your account. Their use not only cuts the cost of your service (because it makes it cheaper for the phone company to service you) but makes it more convenient to get things just the way you want them on your account. Yomojo produced their self service app in 2016 and we think it works just fine.
  • Free Next Day Delivery:
    Yomojo now also match the competition with free next day delivery. (Previously 3-5 business days.)


How do Yomojo Mobile compare against other SIM only providers?

We have shown Yomojo’s plans, above, on this page. We have also highlighted the best of competitor’s plans. If you’d like to compare the full range we offer, you can see the full range of plans on our Prepaid or SIM Only plan pages.

Yomojo Mobile compare favorably against their most direct competition – Optus and OVO, each of which use the Optus 4G network. Yomojo are strongest for data and when it comes to unusual requirements – things you can’t get in plans from elsewhere. Their Unlimited plans also offer good value.

And, for those looking for a 4G plan on the Telstra Mobile Network, we recommend Boost Mobile.


How does Yomojo Mobile website work?

If you’re of the mind to build your plan using Yomojo billing and contract system, this is how it works. Their web interface lets you choose the number of calls, amount of data and the number of SMSs you need. The key to it’s effectiveness is the user-friendly ‘sliders’. The totally web based interaction removes unnecessary operating costs and allows you to customize Yomojo contracts exactly to your liking. Simply move the slider up and down to determine the core of your plan needs : Voice minutes, SMS and data inclusions.

Every aspect of the service can be established online – including, for example, things like international roaming which, with other phone companies, you would need to call the call centre to arrange. In every other regard, the site is just as you would expect to find anywhere else.


What’s good about Yomojo ?

  • You can keep your current phone number if you move to Yomojo:
    Move to Yomojo and you’ll have the option to keep your current number and change or adjust your plan at any time without fees or penalties.
  • Invite your friends & you’ll both be rewarded!
    For every friend or family member you invite that joins Yomojo, you’ll both earn $20 reward credit to use on your service! Yomojo doesn’t limit the amount of reward credit you can earn, so you’re free to invite as many people as you want.
  • No hassle ‘recharge’:
    Remember, Yomojo’s plans can be bought as either prepaid or postpaid options. If you choose prepaid, you can set your service up to auto renew if you’d like it to. Removing that on-going recharge is as easy as removing your SIM if you don’t want to continue.


Summing up – can’t recommend them enough

Yomojo is good news for those who like a plan with a lot of data in it. Which basically means everyone. Best for data is one of the most meaningful awards we offer because of the importance of the inclusion and we didn’t award it lightly.

In many ways, Yomojo are ‘just another phone company’. They have perfectly good customer support, albeit through an overseas call center. They have perfectly good coverage – Optus’ network covers 98.5% of the Australian population. They have perfectly good plans, especially for data and those with unusual needs. Their new, free customer self service app and Next Day Delivery facility, puts them on a par with any tier 1 telcos.

The key thing which sets them apart from the competition is their data pricing. We think their data inclusions are about the best there are out there. We can’t recommend Yomojo enough if you love data in your plan.



Some Background : Who are Yomojo and what do they have to do with Yatango?

Yatango was an Australian MVNO which used to operate on the Optus 4G network, at their time of closing had around 20,000 customers . Yatango Mobile went into administration a few months after they had an unsuccessful reverse listing attempt, which was facilitated by their parent company.

This was all back in 2015 and, while it used to be relevant to your decision about whether or not to choose the new version of the company, Yomojo, we only keep this content around for consistency.

Unfortunately as the plan failed and didn’t work out, the company was left in a position without appropriate cash-flow and unable to meet their minimum capital requirements. Many industry observers had commented that while at the time of operation, Yatango was providing the services to a high level of user satisfaction, their accounting practices left little to be desired, a fact echoed by their list of creditors.

Yomojo was formed by Scott Stavretis, current acting Director, in response to administrators appointed to Yatango who had planned to sell of the assets including subscribers information. Scott , replied in a press release sent to iTWire, that he established this new company to help existing Yatango subscribers continue using their prepaid plans, without loosing connectivity or experiencing downtime. Scott is going this at the same time, allowing previous Yatango investors to join his new company and support his future vision of the direction that Yatango should of headed in.

All Yatango subscribers have been ported over to Yomojo and service continues as per usual, operating on the 3G and 4G Optus network. Yomojo offer users the same competitive pricing that Yatango used to provide to their users, as well as a range of SIM only prepaid plans, each with the ability to choose your spend level based on personal usage requirements.

While Yatango Mobile started off with all the right goals and ambitions, it was their poor accounting and management which lead to their downfall. With the launch of Yomojo, it’s clear to see that in the MVNO space they are trying to replicate the Yatango business model and run the company as Yatango should have been from the get go.