Telstra’s Home Internet Bundles – And Cheaper Alternatives

Home Internet Bundles and cheap alternatives

Demand for data is increasing, and so are the available options

With the increasing popularity of streaming services such as Foxtel and Netflix, unlimited data plans are quickly becoming a necessity in Australian households.

Sensis reports that 84 percent of Australians use the internet daily and 56 percent are online for more than five times every day.

Internet use by Australians

Frequency of internet use in Australia. Source

According to Telsyte, the average Australian household has 13.7 internet connected devices, which is projected to grow to 30.7 by 2021.

These figures clearly suggest that the demand for data will keep growing at a rapid rate. The last thing consumers should worry about is exceeding their internet allowance before the end of the billing month. Why? Because the good news is that almost every telco now provides home internet bundles that are affordable and prevent you from crossing your data cap.

Telstra is arguably the fastest and most preferred telco in Australia, especially for those who are looking for entertainment bundles. For those who want much more than just internet and calling services, Telstra offers a great collection of home internet bundles that include entertainment and other perks. Telstra’s services become more convenient and cheaper when bundled, rather than sourcing internet and entertainment separately.

Here are Telstra’s home internet bundles, as well as some cheaper alternatives.

Telstra’s Home Internet Bundles

Telstra’s plans usually start at $70 per month, but at this price, customers receive just 100GB (Gigabytes) of data. Unlimited data starts at $90 per month. Now, there are plans available on a month-to-month basis, but with a $216 modem fee, which is waived with a 24-month contract. For entertainment, customers can now add Foxtel Now or Telstra TV, to watch Netflix, Stan, etc. All home internet bundles come with unlimited standard calls to local, national and mobile numbers.

Here are the home internet bundles offered by Telstra:

  • Telstra Internet Packages
    Telstra offers reliable internet paired with popular streaming apps. Consumers get a $125 movie credit with Telstra TV Box Office upon adding Telstra TV to their internet + entertainment package. For buying online, Telstra waives the $99 connection charge for a limited time.

Telstra offers four internet packages that include:

  • $99 per month + Telstra TV Box Office (Unlimited data)
  • $ 79 per month + Telstra TV Box Office (200 GB data)
  • $ 90 per month + Foxtel with Entertainment + Sport (Unlimited data)
  • $ 90 per month + Foxtel with Entertainment + Drama (Unlimited data)

With all these plans, you get the following:

  • Telstra Smart Modem™ Gen 2 with 4G mobile network backup to keep you connected;
  • Unlimited data;
  • Unlimited calls to standard local, national, and Australian mobile numbers;
  • Discounted international calls; and
  • Broadband Protect for online security.
  • Internet Plans
    Telstra lets consumers build an NBN or broadband plan that best fits their needs. Users can get as much data as they need as well as access to all their favourite shows, with no lock-in service contracts involved. Simply pay out the modem if you plan to leave within 24 months.

With Telstra, you can build an NBN or broadband plan that fits your needs.

Telstra NBN plan. Source

Telstra’s internet plans are:

  • $ 90 per month: Unlimited data
  • $ 70 per month: 100 GB data

With both of these plans, you get the following

  • Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 with 4G mobile network backup;
  • Unlimited calls;
  • Discounted international calls; and
  • Broadband Protect for online security.

If you are not satisfied with your NBN service, you can contact Telstra within 30 days of connecting to resolve the issue. If the telco fails to fix it, you can cancel your NBN services without penalty if its within that 30-day period.

Cheaper alternatives to Telstra’s home internet bundles

Vodafone’s $69 per month unlimited data plan is good for browsing, streaming online movies, and using social media. You can bundle this plan with other eligible plans offered by Vodafone on one account. It is a great money saving bundle.

Exetel’s $54.99 Unlimited NBN50 data plan is the cheapest alternative to Telstra’s home internet bundles. With this plan, you get a free WiFi modem that is very easy to configure.

Final words: Are Telstra’s home internet bundles worth the money?

Telstra’s home internet bundles may be a bit pricier than its cheaper alternatives. However, for those who seriously need fast internet and unlimited entertainment at an affordable price, Telstra is a good choice. The benefit is that consumers can make it convenient and cheaper by bundling, rather than buying different plans for internet and entertainment.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.