Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Top Selling Phones

Samsung Galaxy S4
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There are several different smartphones on the market that you might be considering alongside the Samsung Galaxy S4. You may already know what the Samsung Galaxy S4’s features and functions are. You may know which work for it and which count against it. This article covers how it measures upagainst the other top selling phones. We’ve  included other Android phones as well as the various iPhones out there.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 4s

The Samsung Galaxy S4 blows the iPhone 4s out of the water in almost all regards. The Samsung flagship has  a quad core processor in comparison to a dual core of the 2 year old iPhone.  Of more importance to most average users, there is a screen size difference of an enormous 1.5 inches across the diagonal. That’s a lot of real estate. Additionally, like all Galaxy family products, the S4 has expandable memory – a definite plus in these days of phone multimedia. The main and front camera is drastically improved on the Galaxy S3. And the fastest network speed available anywhere in the world (  4G – or LTE ) is in place on the Samsung unit, compared to the the 3G capabilities of the iPhone 4s. Unless you want the iOS operating system, S4 is the better choice.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5c

These two phones both have pros and cons that need to be considered. The >Samsung Galaxy S4 has better battery power and a number of additional features, common to Android which you won’t find in iPhones, including NFC. The iPhone 5c has the cache of an iPhone, the most high end of all smartphones but comes at one of the most affordable Apple price points. You will get a slightly more modern look with the Apple phone, including a bunch of colour options and a more durable plastic shell.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One

These are two of the best releases of 2013 and still rank highly among Android phones. The Galaxy S4 has a stronger brand and expandable memory, two things that the HTC One does not have. What the HTC One does have over the S4 is louder stereo speakers and an impressive aluminum chassis as well as a heap of software features you won’t get from the Korean manufacturer.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5s

The Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5s match each other feature for feature in many regards. If you choose the iPhone 5s because it has a fingerprint security and the sleeker look, you’ll losing out on battery power. The S4 doesn’t have quite the same quality of camera as the iPhone, but the other innovative features make up for it – and you always have the ability to add a memory card to the S4 as well which will save you heaps of cash when compared to the iPhone.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 S4 vs. iPhone 5

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5 have a lot in common. There are some big differences, however. The screen on the iPhone seems puny compared to the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Galaxy has a suite of health focused apps provided by Samsung on your phone and a bunch of innovative features you’ll have to explore to believe.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

The S4 is simply the more recent version of the S3. The S4 was an evolution of the S3, not a revolution. But every feature was at least slightly improved between the two. The comparison then is a question about which phone is the better value. The answer might surprise you.

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