Best Phone Plans for Australian Kids

  • Perfect Phone Plans for Families with kids.
  • Limit the websites they can reach on their phone
  • Block inappropriate content
  • Set a regular time their phone turns itself off
  • Share mobile data with your family
  • Or get a 15% family dicount (Yomojo)


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Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Phone Plans and SIMs

What is a Kid’s phone plan?

Some phone companies offer plans targeted specifically at families, specifically designed to meet the needs of that large group.

The specific meaning of ‘Family Plan’ changes depending on which phone company you choose.

  • Kids safe software for phones: Some phone companies have specific phone plans which include free software. This software can be installed on your kid’s phone. That software can give you the ability to do things like block pornography from being seen on the phone. The same software can help set up rules – for example, turning the phone off at 9PM each night to avoid arguments. OVO Mobile and Yomojo offer this sort of software. Sometimes this sort of software is charged for so make sure you check before you commit.
  • Shared data on a family account: Other phone companies provide shared data facilities – where users on the same account – a family, for example, can share data between them. Telstra and Optus offer plans like this.
  • Gifting’ data: Finally, some phone companies make it easy to ‘gift’ data to someone else.

We explain all of these options, and provide more detail on exactly what they mean, in the article, below, on this page.

Why are Belong Mobile shown on this page? (What is ‘Data Gifting’)

Belong Mobile have an extremely fair way of dealing with the mobile data they have in their phone plans. As well as allowing you to use your own allowance to browse the internet and download things on your phone, they allow you to ‘gift’ data to any other customer on the Belong network.

To send / gift data to someone, you just need to enter their phone number in to the app and hit ‘send’

The practical realities of life are that teenagers can run out of data. I’ve known families where this was common – and even times when children needed recharging more than twice per month. Data gifting is one of the things children need when they start using a phone. It provides a simple way to top up their data allowance. You just send it to them from your phone.

Why do Yomojo offer a 15% family discount?

Yomojo want to attract a specific segment of the population – families – and focus on giving them what they want.

Yomojo are one of the only phone companies to offer this sort of family plan and the only to offer a multi-SIM discount. Theirs is 15% of the second SIM at the time of writing. You can find out more on their family page.

Why do so many people use Prepaid phone plans for kids?

Prepaid services are great at reducing the risks associated with a phone bill. Everyone remembers a horror story they heard on the news where a child ran up a huge phone bill for their parents using data overseas or calling the UK from Australia.

When managed correctly, prepaid plans can avoid any possible chance of that happening.

To work, your prepaid service will have to be activated when you start and then recharged over time. To recharge your service, you need a credit on your account. So long as you only credit your account by the amount you’re going to recharge, you can never be charged more than what you’ve paid.

In practical terms, that’s as simple as adding $30 to your service before you recharge your Optus $30 plan.

What else should I be thinking of when I give my child a SIM?

One thing that every phone user, including kids should do is install the free company self service app.

The research shows users of this sort of app are happier than people who are at the same phone company but don’t use the app.

Everything you need to know, to manage your service is available in the app and you’ll never have to call support again. (Probably.)

What is Telstra’s Mobile Protect?

Telstra’s Mobile Protect is an app, provided free of charge by Telstra, which allows you to implement sensible policies on your child’s phone. You can access the service through Telstra’s Self Service app : 24×7.

You can find out more about Telstra Mobile Protect in the article on this page or on Telstra’s website.

Here's why these are Australia's best phone plans for kids

What's good

  • Save you money - up to 15% on 2nd and subsequent SIMs
  • Centralize control over the browsing your kids can do
  • Solve common family problems - e.g. running out of data
  • Cut costs with a family discount
  • Make your child contactable - and safe

What's bad

  • Ensure your child is mature enough for a phone
  • Kid plan features vary by provider - see article

What is a 'kids' plan & why do you need one?

Kid’s plans are a growing part of the Australia’s phone plan line up

Good communication is a necessary part of parenting. Having a phone can help kids and parents feel more connected. Used correctly, a phone plan and phone can give both sides more confidence in navigating the day to day logistics of family life.

Parents feel that their kids are safer with a mobile phone when they are not in sight. It means they can call their kids, to find out where they are and what they are doing. If something goes wrong, or they need to pick them up from school, a sports or social event, the mobile comes in really handy.

Of course kids have their own reasons for wanting a mobile. It’s partly peer pressure, what other kids have, they also want. Then they can communicate with their friends and surf the internet. Schools often encourage kids to use their own smart phones or other internet ready devices for study assignments, because it is a cheap way of learning and research, especially when the school is short of laptops or computers.

The problem comes when kids are exposed to sites that parents don’t want them to visit on line through these devices. On this page, we look at the options you have to manage that internet access with family plans.


What are your options when it comes to kid’s phone plans?

There are 2 main types of phone plan in Australia post-paid and prepaid plans.

In almost all circumstances, a prepaid plan is the best option for young people. With a prepaid plan, once the data has run out for the set period (this is called an expiry term -usually around a month) there is no more at the same rate until the next cycle begins. Kids are still learning how much things cost, and can get carried away without realizing how much they’re spending. It’s better that they find out by running out of credit, instead of you finding out when you receive a huge bill.

We have reviewed the top phone plan providers in Australia specifically with reference to Kid’s plans and found you the best of what’s available.

Remember, there are commonalities here, between some of the plans but the specifics of what each phone company provides does vary – so make sure you’re clear on what you’re getting when you pick one of these plans – details below.


Yomojo’s Kids Plans

Yomojo is one of the latest companies to offer a plan that is suitable for young people. Their plans all include family options and pricing starts low – meaning that you pay less, or your kids can afford it from their pocket money. Their plans include unlimited SMS so you’ll always be able to stay in contact, and 200 minutes of standard calls – not that kids use those these days. Plans will, on the other hand include some mobile data. Be a bit careful here and figure out how much mobile data your child needs so you don’t end up paying more than you want to, The good news is that Yomojo’s plans are all prepaid so if you manage them appropriately, you won’t have to worry about bill shock.

Yomojo offer a dashboard where you will be able to keep an eye on your children’s usage.

Below : Yomojo’s Internet Based Dashboard Feature Allows You To Monitor and Manage Your Kid’s Phone Plan

Companies that offer kid’s plans

Companies that offer kid’s plans


Yomojo plans

Yomojo Logo

Prepaid | 30 day expiry | On the Full Optus 4G Plus Network 

Yomojo are unique in the Australian market. They offer you an unbelievable range of plans. Yomojo’s plans are completely configurable through their website. They also have some pre-configured unlimited plans for those who want a more standardised plan.

  • Prepay Plans :
    Yomojo recently revised their plan range and now offer prepaid plans only.
  • Family Plan Discount & Software For kids :
    Yomojo offer special software which will help you manage your child’s phone remotely, keeping them safer on the web. Yomojo also offer a stepped discount of up to 15% off your total bill if you take 6 or more SIMs from them at any one time.
  • Use the full Optus 4G Plus network :
    Yomojo use the full Optus 4G network. You’ll get the latest 4G speeds in 4G coverage areas in all the same places as customers who go to Optus direct.

Yomojo plans for your mobile

You can learn more about them and their unique content in our Yomojo review.



OVO Mobile’s Kid’s plans

Ovo Mobile also has mobile plans specifically designed for families with kids. OVO’s is one of the best plans out there – a complete package. It has call time, text messages, data, unlimited live streaming of sports content your children might like and a membership subscription to Family Zone – and it’s all free.

OVO also provide special software a third party internet filter that allows parents to control what their kids are watching. The entire monthly plan costs $9.95 a month, which can auto-recharge. These are the basic features of all of Ovo’s plans.

  • Only pre-paid, so no unexpected bills!
  • An allocation of mobile data (e.g. 1GB per month)
  • Varying voice and data inclusions
  • Unlimited texts and MMS
  • Free data streaming of Ovo content only
  • Membership of Family Zone

Matt Jones, Ovo Mobile’s CEO, says that this plan is cheaper and safer than anything any other provider is offering. The main point of difference with Telstra’s Mobile Protect plan (see below) is that the whole thing can be bought for a child much cheaper than buying another plan through Telstra and adding the protection service afterwards.

Also, Family Zone, because it is not specifically tied to Ovo or any other provider, is able to provide protection not just for sites accessed through Ovo (which uses the Optus 4G network). The Family Zone service is worth $59.40 a year and allows parents to see what their kids are viewing and restrict what they don’t want them to see as well as lock the phone completely at bed times and other times when they don’t want their kids using the phone for whatever reason.


OVO Mobile – Free Video & Radio Content




Prepaid | 30 day expiry | On the Full Optus 3G and 4G Network 

OVO’s offer a totally new way of looking at a phone company – they’re one of our best selling partners. Their plans are, pretty much on a par for data inclusions with the best in the industry. In addition to talk time, SMS and data, OVO’s plans include exclusive access to exclusive video content. All of OVO’s plans come with ‘OVO Play’ an app which lets you watch their free content on your plan. With OVO, you’ll get:

  • Free Video Content – Motorsport, Sailing, Gymnastics & Water Polo :
    OVO offer a growing list of free video and audio content. Motorsport fans might like the 400 Thunder Professional Drag Racing Series, Australian GT, Formula Drift and other petrol head live streaming. OVO Play also includes other sports like sailing and gymnastics. The price of the content is included in the monthly line rental charge you pay OVO for your prepaid plan. So, importantly: You won’t see your data balance decline while you’re watching them, the streamed content is free.
  • Free Streamed Audio:
    OVO’s plans also offer FREE radio streaming, also included in your plan offers access to the Tripple M network and other selected stations.
  • OVO for Kids:
    OVO’s plans come with the offer of free access to Parental Lock software. Buy your child the $9.95 plan from OVO and you’ll be able to monitor what they access on their phone and set times for it to turn off and turn on it’s own connection to the internet.

OVO Plans for your mobile

Picking an OVO plan is simple. All of OVO’s plans include Unlimited talk and SMS in Australia to Australian numbers plus superfast 4G data.

You can learn more about them and their unique content in our OVO review.



kids tech


Telstra Kid’s Plans (What is Telstra’s Mobile Protect offering?)

Telstra has its own parental control service called Mobile Protect. It’s free and basically does what a lot of internet control software does for PCs or Macs at home or in the school or library, but this service is aimed squarely at mobile devices.

These are the main features of Telstra Mobile Protect.

  • It’s free but:
    It’s a free service but you must already have a mobile plan from Telstra
  • It let’s you manage their service:
    You can apply internet filters, restrict calls and SMS messages. Set restrictions on time. Block un-savoury websites
  • It helps you help them:
    Check what sites have been accessed

The main drawback of the service is that it only works on internet access via the Telstra network. If your child is innocently surfing using a stray wifi or at a friend’s house (whose parents don’t have any internet controls) the service will not work. Telstra also states that the service does not work when roaming overseas and does not specifically guarantee that categories that are supposed to be filtered out will actually be filtered. Call and SMS restrictions also don’t work if calls or texts are being sent using Facebook Messenger, Skype or similar online communication methods.

Despite the provisos about the limitations of Mobile Protect, it’s easy to sign up to. You need to be registered with Telstra and have an account with them that you can access on the internet. All the mobile devices you want to add the service to must be listed on your account. You can easily add a pre-paid number if it’s not linked to your account already. You then choose to accept the service for each device you want protected.

Below : Telstra’s Mobile Protect Facility


Telstra Mobile – Best For Coverage

Telstra Australia




Prepaid + Postpaid | Month to month and contract

Telstra are unrivalled in Australia for coverage, with a 3G signal that covers roughly twice the landmass of any other phone company except Boost Mobile.

  • Unique coverage footprint:
    Access to 2.5m square Km of the Australian landmass.
  • Unique video content:
    Only Telstra provides data free streaming of the AFL, NRL and Australian Gymnastics in their plans.
  • Fair data:
    Telstra now offer ‘Data Banking’ on some of their plans and provide Unlimited data options.

Telstra’s Plan Range :

All talk time and SMS for use in Australia to Australian numbers. All data is for use in Australia. You can learn more about this company in our Telstra Mobile review.



Do Belong Mobile Have a Kid’s plan?

The answer is yes and no. Of course, any plan can be used by any person, including a child. The reason we’ve included Belong Mobile here is that their phone plans have a couple of plan features that are extremely useful for parents managing kid’s plans.

  • Data banking:
    All the research shows that younger people make fewer (voice) phone calls than adults. They prefer to SMS / WhatsApp / use some other new thing that no old person knows about to communicate with their friends. In short, it’s all about the mobile data in a phone plan for kids – and managing the internet access that is provided with it. With Belong, any data your child is provided is kept forever. The scheme is called data banking and it’s a great way to manage the cost of your phone plan.,
  • Data sharing :
    Belong also offer the facility to ‘gift’ mobile data to other people who have a Belong plan. It can be anyone who uses a Belong service who receives your gift – but in the context of a family this plus the data banking facility make it much easy to manage a family’s data needs.
  • Note :
    Unlike OVO, Telstra and Yomojo, Belong do not have an aspect of their service which helps to limit what children see with the mobile data we’re talking about.


Belong Mobile | Fairest For Data

Belong Mobile plan review and comparison

Postpaid | Month to Month agreement | On The Telstra Mobile Network 3G+4G

Belong sell access to the Telstra Mobile Network. They have a simple to understand plan structure with options on data, national ($5 extra) and international calls ($5 extra.) Belong also offer the fairest treatment of data that any phone company in Australia have. a ‘data vault’ feature. Whatever data you buy, is yours, forever. It just keeps rolling over until you use it or leave them.

With Belong, you’ll get:

  • Data Vault:
    All Belong’s Mobile plans come with ‘data vault’. When you buy your data, it just keeps rolling over until you decide to use it or leave them!
  • $5 International Calls:
    And if you want to make Unlimited International Calls (to 10 selected destinations – or to 33 selected countries’ landlines) just add $5.

Belong Plans For Your Mobile

  • Belong Mobile $10Advertisement = Unlimited international calls to 33 countries for $5 per month + 1GB of data.
  • Belong Mobile $15Advertisement = Unlimited calls and SMS in Oz with unlimited international calls & text to 33 selected countries + 1GB of data.
  • Belong Mobile $25Advertisement = Unlimited international calls to 33 countries for $5 per month + 5GB of data.
  • Belong Mobile $30Advertisement = Unlimited calls and SMS in Oz with unlimited international calls & text to 33 selected countries + 5GB of data.
  • Belong Mobile $40Advertisement = Unlimited calls and SMS in Oz with unlimited international calls & text to 33 selected countries + 15GB of data.

All talk time and SMS for use in Australia to Australian numbers. All data is for use in Australia. You can learn more about this company in our Belong Mobile review.



Facts You Should Consider Before Buying Your Child’s Phone and Plan

It’s an undeniable fact that kids are getting their first mobile phone (or smart phone) at a younger and younger age every year. Research shows that Aussie kids are at an average age of 9 when they get their first mobile device, 3 years after the average U.K. child. It’s fairly obvious that the gap is going to shrink. In a research conducted by Telstra, most of the parents who were debating whether to buy their children smartphones or not, cited independence and safety as their greatest concerns. Over 60% of parental smartphone buyers were motivated by the need to ensure their children were safe.

In terms of gender, 20% of girls owned a smartphone by age 4 compared to boys who caught up at age 5. By the time children get to 10 years, the percentage of phone ownership doubles.

When children join high school, or travel independently to school, many parents feel the need to buy them smartphones. That said, 10% of parents interviewed admitted to giving in to their children’s demands for a smartphone. When children become independent and have to make their own way to school, the element of safety enters the decision matrix.

The use of the phone you provide them, will first of all depend on your child’s age. Generally, primary school aged kids won’t be so bothered about social networking, but when they get the hang of the phone they may become surprisingly good at downloading data packed games and even data guzzling YouTube. Just a small mention here that a 90 minute YouTube could gobble up a whopping 2GBs of data!!

Teenagers, on the other hand, could download numerous photos of their favorite pop idols and of course will be twittering away on Facebook and Twitter trying to accumulate a large following and uploading selfies for all to see. Older teens might be sports fanatics and might home in on footy or cricket if given the chance, the boys at least.


What Parents Should Consider before Buying that Smartphone

Synthesizing information from the studies we’ve referenced above, some factors stand out. We recommend using these to guide parents at the decision-making point of buying a smartphone for their children.

  • Old versus New Model:
    Receiving a phone, for the first time, is an exciting time for a young person. Children may not care much if it is a newer or older model. Parents can consider this and get a budget phone for their children. A great place to start is a second hand iPhone.
  • Phone Plan:
    Getting a prepaid phone plan is a much cheaper option than a postpaid plan. At this age, children love experimenting a lot but may not yet have fully come to grips with the technicalities of telco charging (perhaps you haven’t either.) Prepaid plans, if managed correctly, can help you avoid bigger phone bills than you’re expecting. Simply by recharging your prepaid service with just enough to add the required credit, means you can’t be charged more until you consciously decide to spend it. By the time the phone bill comes at the end of the month, it may not be a surprise that you have exceeded your postpaid plan limit. The plans we’ve shown you on this page from OVO and Yomojo are all prepaid.
  • Phone Care:
    To protect the phone against damages from falls and other impacts, invest in a sturdy casing and a screen protector. Consider insurance if you do get your child a brand new device.
  • Smartphone Handling:
    Smartphones can be addictive. Weight the pros and cons of the decision but the best guidance is usually that parents should ensure their children do not take their devices to the bedroom.
  • Rules and Responsibilities:
    While children in this age group cannot legally enter into binding contracts, parents should draw up, sign, and enforce an agreement outlining the rules and responsibilities to be followed. This provides a framework on how to engage children in smartphone usage.

To avoid problems – consider these aspects of how the phone is used:

  • The phone is only available when going out
  • The phone is an old-style device with no apps and very limited internet
  • Phones don’t go into the bedroom
  • Children are responsible for buying their own credit
  • Only a limited amount of phone numbers are stored, like family and a few trusted friends
  • Open dialogue about safe and appropriate phone use, including who it’s ok to give your number to.

A child’s level of maturity and responsibility is much more important than their chronological age.


If you think about it, family plans make a great deal of sense

Mobile providers are beginning to wake up to the fact that kids are using their networks more and more and at a younger age than ever before, yet remain vulnerable to contact with sites that are unsafe. Because they carry their mobile device around with them, it makes it hard for parents to control what they are using them for and yet they feel that on the whole the possession of a mobile phone or smart phone makes their child safer because they can contact them any time they like.

Kid’s plans are important now and they’re going to become much more prevalent in future years, as phones are passed to younger and younger kids. Parents must continue playing an active role in their children’s lives and smartphones should not substitute face-to-face communications. With agreements signed up between parents and children, accountability on phone usage can be enforced.